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I use the Armory app on my iPod Touch, yesterday the server I play on (Exodar US) went down randomly for about 15 minutes, no server restart or anything was announced. Anyways, once the server came back up, I noticed that I was unable to log in to remote chat on my iPod or use the AH. I don't have any guilded characters on other realms so I'm not sure if it's just Exodar or something to do with my account. When I try to use the AH it says the realm is down for maintenance and logging into remote chat gives me the "Chat server is temporarily unavailable" message. Any help on the situation would be awesome because I love this app!

Same thing is happening for me. Last time i was able to access the remote AH on exodar was Friday. Other realms ive tried (Sen'jin, Silver Hand, and Emerald Dream) work just fine.
Same, same server
So it seems to be just an Exodar issue at the moment? Anyone have any word if this is more widespread/ if they're looking into it? I'd hate to have to cancel my remote subscription but I also don't want to pay for something that's not working and not being fixed :(
Same for me. US Exodar server. Have not been able to connect since Tuesday. Constantly says chat server is unavailable.

I called support and was told:

Because this is a mobile app support states that they do not support it and you have to post on the forums. There is a possibility that it will be fixed with Tue maintenance.

Would think for what we spend on the game and the app would get a little better answer
Also happening for me. US Ravenholdt server
I get this, Firetree server. I've noticed if I keep trying to sign in to chat it will eventually sign in. Still annoying though.

Android version btw

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