<Giggity> 8/8H 25-man LF skilled DPS

Area 52
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Giggity is a 25 man Saturday and Sunday horde raiding guild. We are a semi-hardcore guild that raids weekends, and we are looking for skilled, geared, mature players with good raid awareness and great attitudes.

Raid Schedule:

Saturday: 4-7:30pm server
Sunday: 6:30-11pm server

Currently Recruiting:

Balance Druid
Shadow Priest
Death Knight (DPS)

Any serious dps pulling big numbers!

Apply at Giggity.guildlaunch.com

What we're looking for:

Raid Awareness
Good Attitudes
Team players
Good attendance

Please check our website for our recruiting needs as these are often changing:


Current progression:

Dragon Soul: 8/8HM 25 man

25-man Heroic Hagara down! 3/8H! Still looking for skilled dps.

Giggity is a good guild. People should play with them!
Thank you for that kind sir.
We would love a competent, unselfish Fire Mage right about now!
That's totally me. Where's the loots?
FAR away from you.
bumping for actually being 3/8 3HM on 25 man....and not 1/8 HM 25 man then 3/8 HM 10 man
Ret Pally plz
Where's all the dps at? Lots or recruiting so few applicants!
In need of an unholy dk or an ele shaman?
We could really use a Ret Pally to carry us through some heroics.
I said Bump, down on Bump Street!!! Say Bump, 21 Bump, Street!!!!
That last dude who posted seems sleep deprived
The bumpty dance is your chance to do the BUMP!!! Ohh do me baby!!
up up and away!

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