<Giggity> 8/8H 25-man LF skilled DPS

Area 52
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cyn, update to 6/8 HM
Updated progress and class needs!
Where's our Holy pally? Apply now holy radiance users.
Did i hear you need a spriest? Im in 3/12 icc experience i pull 4k dps on a dummy.
I watch these guys' videos every night and have a poster of heatsource on my wall next to justin bieber. / bizzump
Taurenicus were you on Velen ever?
Updated class needs again - bump!
You keep me next to Beiber? Man i just lost my lunch and my respect for you tube.
7/8HM Baby!
grats guys
TY Shaank!

Could use an ele shaman or warlock as well.
Any room for a melee?
8/8HM on two characters.

EDIT: Dropped an application already.
04/30/2012 10:04 AMPosted by Heatsource
Could use an ele shaman or warlock as well.

Well my ilvl and experience is crap, otherwise I would help </3

I know some good locks maybe I can get you one ;D
Do you need a fire mage ?

My alt is groupless and I'm looking for a weekend group to be 8/8H.

I'm only 394 ilvl but I did all the HM fights ( both 10man and 25 man ).
Now yours chance to get a trial with us. Please have logs ready when you apped to be considered. Unless you have a pretty hefty resume, without logs we don't have crap to go on to prove your a talented player.

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