Updated Mage Pre-Raid Gear Guide (Level 90)

UPDATE: Recently finished for Mists of Pandaria.

In the list is all gear to be able to be raid ready up to Mogu'shan Vaults. Remember, that all gear listed is available from heroics, reputation, crafting and vendors. I have not listed any gear from Raids/LFR.

If anyone has any suggestions on gear, please post so this list stays updated and current.

- Gear is listed from highest to lowest ilvl.
- (A) - Alliance Only, (H) - Horde Only
- No PvP gear is listed.

Remember that gearing will only get you so far. Enchants and reforging are necessary to be completely raid ready.

You also have the option of using Justice/Valor Points on certain items to upgrade them to a higher ilvl; however, I would not recommend this if there are bigger upgrades you can obtain through purchase.

Firecracker Corona - (Shado-Pan: Revered - 2250 Valor Points)
Lightweight Retinal Armor - (Crafted: BoP Engineering)
Barovian Ritual Hood - (Heroic: Scholomance)
Whitemane's Embroidered Chapeau - (Heroic: Scarlet Monestary)
Breezeswept Hood - (Heroic: Siege of Niuzao Temple)

Wire of the Wakener - (The Klaxxi: Honored - 1250 Valor Points)
Burning Necklace of the Golden Lotus - (Golden Lotus: Exalted - Quest Reward)
Dorian's Necklace of Burgeoning Dreams - (BoE World Drop)
Pendant of Precise Timing - (Heroic: Gate of the Setting Sun)
Mindbreaker Pendant - (Heroic: Temple of the Jade Serpent)
Anarchist's Pendant - (Heroic: Scholomance)
Necklace of Jade Pearls - (1250 Justice Points)

Mantle of the Golden Sun - (Golden Lotus: Revered - 1750 Valor Points)
Shoulders of Engulfing Winds - (Heroic: Gate of the Setting Sun)
Whisperwind Spaulders - (Heroic: Siege of the Niuzao Temple)
Forgotten Bloodmage Mantle - (Heroic: Scarlet Monestary)

Cloak of Snow Blossoms - (Shado-Pan: Honored - 1250 Valor Points)
Cape of Entanglement - (Heroic: Temple of the Jade Serpent)
Cloak of Cleansing Flame - (Heroic: Mogu'shan Palace)
Scorched Earth Cloak - (Heroic: Scarlet Monestary)
Cloak of Ancient Curses - (1250 Justice Points)

Robe of Eternal Rule - (Crafted: BoE Tailoring)
Vestments of Thundering Skies - (Golden Lotus: Revered - 2250 Valor Points)
Spelltwister's Grand Robe - (Crafter: BoE Tailoring)
Natli's Fireheart Robe - (BoE World Drop)
Robes of Fevered Dreams - (Heroic: Shado-Pan Monestary)
Robes of Koegler - (Heroic: Scarlet Halls)
Burning Robes of the Golden Lotus - (Golden Lotus: Revered - Quest Reward)
Robe of Quiet Meditation - (2250 Justice Points)

Minh's Beaten Bracers - (August Celestials: Honored - 1250 Valor Points)
Deadwalker Bracers - (Heroic: Scholomance)
Bracers of Displaced Air - (Heroic: Stormstout Brewery)
Tranquility Bindings - (1250 Justice Points)

Imperial Silk Gloves - (Crafted: BoE Tailoring)
Sunspeaker's Flared Gloves - (August Celestials: Revered - 1750 Valor Points)
Rittsyn's Ruinblasters - (BoE World Drop)
Spelltwister's Gloves - (Crafted: BoE Tailoring)
Conflagrating Gloves - (Heroic: Mogu'shan Palace)
Bomber's Precision Gloves - (Heroic: Gate of the Setting Sun)
Gloves of Enraged Slaughter - (Heroic: Shado-Pan Monestary)

Chang's Changing Cord - (H) (Dominance Offensive: Revered - 1750 Valor Points)
Bon-iy's Unbreakable Cord - (A) (Operation: Shieldwall: Revered - 1750 Valor Points)
Klaxxi Lash of the Orator - (The Klaxxi: Revered - 1750 Valor Points)
Girdle of Endemic Anger - (Heroic: Temple of the Jade Serpent)
Incineration Belt - (Heroic: Scholomance)

Leggings of the Poisoned Soul - (The Klaxxi: Revered - 2250 Valor Points)
Leggings of the Frenzy - (Heroic: Gate of the Setting Sun)
Leggings of Unleashed Anguish - (Heroic: Scholomance)
Leggings of Unfinished Conquest - (2250 Justice Points)

Beach-Born Sandals - (H) (Dominance Offensive: Revered - 1750 Valor Points)
Sandals of Oiled Silk - (A) (Operation: Shieldwall: Revered - 1750 Valor Points)
Void Flame Slippers - (August Celestials: Revered - 1750 Valor Points)
Sandals of the Shadow - (Quest Reward - 100% Drop from Sha of Anger)
Scarlet Sandals - (Heroic: Scarlet Halls)
Soulbinder Treads - (Heroic: Mogu'shan Palace)
Dominator's Band - (H) (Dominance Offensive: Revered - 1250 Valor Points)
Band of the Shieldwall - (A) (Operation: Shieldwall: Revered - 1250 Valor Points)
Seal of the Prime - (The Klaxxi: Exalted - Quest Reward)
Vithrak, Gaze of the Deadman - (Heroic: Scarlet Halls)
Ring of the Shipwrecked Prince - (BoE World Drop)
Ring of Malice - (Heroic: Shado-Pan Monestary)
Signet of the Hidden Door - (Heroic: Scarlet Monestary)
Triune Signet - (Heroic: Scarlet Monestary)
Eye of the Tornado - (Heroic: Shado-Pan Monestary)
Alemental Seal - (Heroic: Stormstout Brewery)
Etched Golden Loop - (1250 Justice Points) (Can Use Two)

Static-Caster's Medallion - (H) (Dominance Offensive: Revered - 1750 Valor Points)
Shock-Charger Medallion - (A) (Operation: Shieldwall: Revered - 1750 Valor Points)
Blossom of Pure Snow - (Shado-Pan: Revered - 1750 Valor Points)
Relic of Yu'lon - (Quest Reward - Darkmoon Serpent Deck)
Vision of the Predator - (Heroic: Gate of the Setting Sun)
Flashfrozen Resin Globule - (Heroic: Siege of Niuzao Temple)
Zen Alchemist Stone - (Crafted: BoP Alchemy)
Dominator's Arcane Badge - (H) (Dominance Offensive - 1750 Justice Points)
Arcane Badge of the Shieldwall - (A) (Operation: Shieldwall - 1750 Justice Points)

Inscribed Serpent Staff - (Crafted: BoA Inscription)
Headmaster's Will - (Heroic: Scholomance)
Amber Scythe of Klaxxi'vess - (The Klaxxi: Exalted)
Wort Stirring Rod - (Heroic: Stormstout Brewey)
Staff of Trembling Will - (Heroic: Temple of the Jade Serpent)
Greatstaff of Righteousness - (Heroic: Scarlet Monestary)

Amber Saber of Klaxxi'vess - (The Klaxxi: Exalted)
Firescribe Dagger - (Heroic: Mogu'shan Palace)
Melted Hypnotic Blade - (Heroic: Scarlet Halls)

Inscribed Jade Fan - (Crafted: BoE Inscription)
Scroll of Whispered Secrets - (BoE World Drop)
Bottle of Potent Potables - (Heroic: Stormstout Brewery)
Umbrella of Chi-Ji - (Archaeology)

Necromantic Wand - (Heroic: Scholomance)
Great work, requested sticky.

Edit: Have also linked your thread through my sticky until yours is stickied.
Nice job on the guide, OP! Thanks for your efforts.

Edit: Removed links
Mistreskitty - The links you gave are links for just Mage gear above ilvl 365. This is a guide for Mages to gear up without ever having to set foot in any raid (Pre-FL to DS). If there is a specific piece of gear I missed though, please let me know!
Grats on the quick sticky! Thanks for making this guide.
thanks, this is just what I needed.
wow looks like ill be leveling my tailoring... almost all the epics i need i can get from that...
I love how D%@#* of the Dragonshrine is censored
Thanks for this Adoxx. Been gone from wow for 3 years and was sad to see the old wow armory gone. You could simply click to see the available upgrades. Maybe battle.net's has the same feature but I don't see it. If anyone knows an addon for such a thing, I'd appreciate it (or web source, or anything). If it was just this toon then searching like this would be fine, but having a dozen toons makes that rather annoying. Thanks again.
can you make one on pvp gear?
Check how sexy the gear looks on my mage :o

great pre-raid gear guide.

I think its better to have one-hand plus off-hand over using two-hand, more benefits - one is like you can enchant both gears instead of enchanting just one gear.
Sorry it has taken me so long, but I finally got this updated for MoP if anyone is actually interested in using it......like ever.
Bump for anyone who wants to use.
Thanks! This is bookmarked for me. I'm a relatively new mage and have just been randomly doing dungeons for gear. This will come really handy!

Mucho <3
Definitely thanks for making this! I'll be using it whenever I finally get to 90. :)

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