Frost PvP - DW or 2hand?

Death Knight
Lots of clueless people in here.

2H for PvP. Period.
Lots of clueless people in here.

2H for PvP. Period.

and here we have a case of the pot calling the kettle black

Also, why can't you capitalize the beginnings of sentences?

lazyness mostly
People go 2h because they offspec blood or unholy. If you do neither, there is no reason to not go DW.
Dw is the way to go if you want to PVP in frost. Your survivability is not all that great, and exspect to get trained alot because of said survivability issues.

DW Frost Spec/unholy pres in mostly Cata gear, you will run between 3.9kdps to 10k dps depending on your luck(KM Procs) and if you get trained or massed CCed.

I found that if you stack Mastery for DW Frost PVP build, your FS will hit in between 9k to 18k when KMed. Howling blast between 8k to 15k on primary target. Oblit only on low health/low armor people or undergeared people.

Best rotation for frost that I have found is 2x howling/2 necronic strikes/3 frost stikes, use your free HB when up, use your other abilitie as needed, remember to switch to 2 Death strike or 2 Oblit/2 frost/2 necronic strike rotation for Fallen crusader proc.

I play Frost for PVP ATM, but Unholy is the spec of choice for most arena, but it too has the survivability Issues just not as bad as frost.

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