Questing 1-60

Has anyone ever wanted to quest from 1-60, or 70, not using any heirlooms at all, friends to help you, or dungeons? I shall do this...
I think one or two people did that in Vanilla.

In all seriousness, people tend to over-exaggerate both the necessity and the usefulness of heirlooms and guild perks. I enjoy the questing and leveling parts of WoW and am constantly rolling new toons (or was till I ran out of slots). Quite often these are deliberately on new servers where I don't know anybody or have anything.

The game is just as easy and smooth flowing without any of that stuff. You do have to be a bit more careful early on until you get a gold base to cover all your training, but just doing quests gives you all the gear you ever need and so you can save everything you collect for training and maybe a couple of bags.
Up until the Darkmoon Faire, this is how I'd normally level. The only reason the Faire is relevant is because I could do easy daily quests to get tickets, and eventually pick up some heirlooms -- the first I've ever had in over two years of playing.

Honestly I wish there were heirlooms without the experience gains. I had a human warrior with the heirloom chest and shoulders, and I'd outlevel a zone in just a small handful of quests. Super fast leveling was kind of amusing since I'd ever done it, but I certainly would prefer armor that scaled with level without making a whole zone take fifteen minutes.
This character is used for doing loremaster, starting at the earliest of all zones and going by levels from there. The only heirlooms I have used is the intellect trinkets. Leveling has been nerfed so much that it is ridiculous how quickly you will outlevel a zone without the bonuses, from heirlooms or guild bonuses.

Unless you are playing a character that is needed for a raid situation to fill a guild slot or anything where leveling overnight is of benefit heirlooms are absolutely unnecessary.
02/21/2012 01:01 AMPosted by Sacredheal
Has anyone ever wanted to quest from 1-60, or 70, not using any heirlooms at all, friends to help you, or dungeons?

That's crazy talk! Impossible, can't be done.
I love leveling. I think that there is really so much fun and interesting content that you are doing a disservice to yourself to try and skip as much as possible by taking all the exp bonus items. I have really enjoyed going through the Alliance faction side of things with my last two alts as there are new (well new to me) and well crafted story lines that I never had heard of before since I had always played horde.
I love to play normally, no heirlooms, no mains giving gold.

Just reroll on another server. But it gets old when you're PvPing and getting 1shot by white damage.
I already did that 1-60, then 60-70, then 70 - 80, then 80 to 85.

I can tell you that I have a toon that leveled from 1 to 60 only doing quests! No guild perks and none of my toons have any heirlooms.
In one day was really easy to get till level 12, the second day till 17...
I started to do the dungeon finder when it was 55, and so I'd got to solo the first dungeons.
Then when you reach ahead 55, it gets really difficult to level fast in a day, so you'll be interested to get the dg finder.

I always loved the first quests, specially the ones before cata. The quest around Loch Lake was really wonderful! It’s a shame that nowadays the place is dried.

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