Favourite bad guy/boss in wow

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02/21/2012 01:28 PMPosted by Crithto
I will have to go with two--albeit inseparable--bad guys, Rotface and Festergut. I can’t count how many times I’ve run through Icecrown Citadel but those two never cease to make me laugh uncontrollably.

Those two always remind me of some sort of demented Mr. Potato Heads. They give me the giggles too.

Overall, Arthas. He had such a connection while leveling in Wrath of the Lich King.
Dragonkin; I love the dragonkin; Sylvanas, I love her voice; Randolph Moloch, I love his quote "Allow me to introduce myself. I am Randolph Moloch, and I will be killing you all today." and Illidan "...patience isn't one of my virtues".
Arugal. RIP :[
Those 2 demons in Mechanar.

When you kill the hate mistress, the guy jubilantly says "YES! Well done!"
Hard for me to choose between Atramedes and Malygos.
putricide, because he has great news!
02/21/2012 01:38 PMPosted by Blàckwolf
Hard for me to choose between Atramedes and Malygos.

Atremedes himself is amazing as are his encounter's mechanics.

There was always an element of humor fighting him too. My guildies would always say "LF4M for BWD, we're at Ray Charles" or "Healer needed for Helen Keller then good to go."
02/21/2012 01:41 PMPosted by Pâzuzu
putricide, because he has great news!

Arthas, he was so amazing even my friends who didn't know anything about WoW wondered when we would be able to face him.

Bron Jahm is the first time I ever wiped jamming and laughing at the boss music.
Vanessa VanCleef, I always felt bad for VanCleef, it was much, much worse when I met his daughter and saw the flash back. If I had the chance I would have tried to bring her in alive, but if she was going down she wanted to make sure her father's killers were dead.

Renataki is a close second, just for the giggles. "It only hurts the first time. The second time, you're dead! Hahahaha!"
Edwin VanCleef. I liked him because he actually had legitimate g###%vines against the throne of Stormwind, what he didn't realize was that it was actually due to the mismanagement of Onyxia, not its uncaring king.

Lapdogs, all of you!
Drakuru was the best real villain.

Best Boss quotes: Harbinger Skyriss

Best Boss voice: Venoxis

Best Boss Mechanics: Jin'Do the Godbreaker.
Favorite boss of all time for me is.

Leotheras the Blind
My son, the day you were born, the very forests of Lordaeron whispered the name Arthas.
For one that makes me laugh? Putricide. "GOOD NEWSSSSS EVERYONE....!"

In terms of scale or awesomeness, C'thun.

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