Favourite bad guy/boss in wow

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Rag will always hold a special place in my heart.

Like a first love you never really get over your first raid boss.
shade of aran
reliquary of souls
lich king is still coolio in my book
For one that makes me laugh? Putricide. "GOOD NEWSSSSS EVERYONE....!"

Oh no, X.T wins for comedy.

I expected him to sound like Curator.

The day I heard his glorious voice I nearly wiped the raid because I couldn't stop laughing.

From then on I wanted WoW to make him into a mini pet.

I took a break from WoW sometime later & when I returned, he WAS a mini pet! /squee

To me, Yogg-Saron sets the standard for everything that an Old God should be. He's corrupting, arrogant, and has nothing but utter contempt for mortals. His voice is pure awesome, and his evil laugh is second to none. With every word that he speaks, you can feel how much he hates you just for existing. And his intro?

"I am... the lucid dream. The monster in your nightmares. The fiend of a thousand faces. Cower before my true form! BOW DOWN BEFORE THE GOD OF DEATH!!!"

Kick. !@#.

I'm also a huge fan of how he was foreshadowed as well as his conflict with the scourge. I know a lot of people missed that, and it was a tad downplayed, but I found the implications to be superbly executed. The fact that the scourge and Yogg's forces were at odds as well as Yoggy's personal quote about Arthas ("He will learn. No king rules forever; only death is eternal!") spoke volumes to me about what was going on. We know for a fact that Arthas was being worshiped as a death god by the Vrykul, and was also seen as one by the Tuskarr. While that was happening, Yogg-Saron, the actual death god, was lying forgotten in a titan vault. Arthas was stealing Yogg-Saron's thunder, and chances are good that Yoggy wasn't too appreciative of that. The fact that Arthas was a glorified mortal by old god standards probably didn't help.
General (Ulduar) and Dreamwalker (ICC).

For General, it was all about control. You were only supposed to DPS in a black puddle, so you had to sit on your hands a lot until you had a puddle. It was about managing interrupts. It was about working as a team so healers could focus on healing those that needed it (looking at you DPS who were smart enough to not get shadow crashed).

General was *the* fight for raiding smart. You weren't running around in a blind panic. It was all calm, cool control and execution.

For Dreamwalker - making the fight an HPS race was a brilliant idea. And *saving* a dragon instead of killing one? Total win!
Onyxia and Sinestra are my favorites.
Illidan is the coolest looking one.

Omnatron Defense System is my favorite mechanic-wise.

Lore-wise I have to say that it's Kel-thulzad. That time Arthas calls Kel-thuzad friend in the frozen throne almost made me cry.
I've got several favourites. The Lich King will always be #1 in my books.

However as others have said, Algalon and Yogg'Saron were both VERY cool bosses, in both character and in the fight.

Zanzil is another favourite, he is one of the few "insane" bosses that I've felt were actually insane.

For comedic value, Professor is my favourite (including Rotface and Festergut obviously) with XT coming in a close second.
Arthas up until WOTLK =(

Yogg and Cthun.

and of course Illidan.
Kel'Thuzad all the way. He gets upset when you kill his kitty cat.

Malygos has my favorite dialogue though.
Cho'gall, definitely :)
My favorite would be Lich King, mainly because Warcraft 3 is one of my favorite games and Wrath is my favorite expansion.

Then it's be Kel'Thuzad
I always thought it was insanely cool that we got to go through the Sunken Temple to slaughter a bunch of crazed trolls who worshiped Hakkar, then got to go to ZG (in Vanilla) to kill Hakkar.
Four Horsemen
Did you think we had forgotten? Did you think we had forgiven? Behold, now, the terrible vengeance of the Forsaken!
Lord Marrowgar - ICC
Because of his model and the room is really epic.
Hands down Nefarian from BWL is the best. I loved it in vanilla and still do.

Enough said.

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