Favourite bad guy/boss in wow

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It's actually a harder question than I thought it would be. There are very few bosses I don't like in some fashion. But, I think it goes like this...

From the perspective of when they were current content: Maiden of Virtue or Ignis
From the perspective of looking back nostalgically: Moroes, Gruul, or Blood Queen Lana'thel
From the current tier: Ultraxion

Edit: Although, I think the one I miss the most that was taken out was Tenris Mirkblood.
I'm gunna have to go with Illidan but that's kind of cheating because him and Malfurion have always been my favorite characters in WC lore.

From a strictly encounter based perspective I'd have to say Lana'thel I think. Really liked the bite mechanic.
I would have to go with the pre 2.3 patch Mor'Ladim from Raven Hill in Duskwood. Back in vanilla when he was a level 35 elite amongst his level 24 - 25 non elite ghouls. Even though devilsaurs had a way of sneaking up on you, this guy made no noise and hit like a truck with his rediculous self haste buff. And since you were killing his ghouls usually 1 to 2 levels lower, this skull con billy bad !@# would aggro from what seemed halfway across the cemetary. As a hunter main back then I remember my pet being put to shame and I would follow soon after.
Atramedes. I don't know why, but kiting the flame beam thing was my favorite thing to do, and plus he's blind.
Moroes and Yogg
Garithos was pretty cool. I the purge of the dreadlords from undercity would make a cool caverns of time instance.
Yogg-Saron. Mechanic-wise, and lorewise, he is one of the bosses/characters in WoW that the game and story align perfectly for in the encounter. It's really saddening that we'll probably never again see a raid as great as Ulduar. Something else I love about Yogg was previously posted, but how he was foreshadowed was amazing. There was an underlying story unfolding in your journey through Northrend that was a lot more important than anyone could've realized - that an Old God was about to escape containment and break free. This provided WotlK with a non-linear story and an awesome secondary villain to Arthas. It's disappointing that such huge lore characters like Cho'gall, powerful elemental lords like Al'akir or older characters like Garona showed up in Cataclysm and were near immediately dismissed. Firelands and Fandral's corruption was decent, but paled in comparison to the foreshadowing of Yogg-Saron's existence.
Mimron. No question - most hilarious boss dialogue ever!

"Now WHY would you go and do something like that...???"
Arthas... But that comes from the Warcraft 3 days. Just the lore behind him is awesome.. Had to die eventually but he will always be my favorite.
Its a tie between two Sunwell Bosses. Twins and Brut probably because of the joy of beating the bosses a few mins before our rivals.
I have to pick just one?!?!

I can't do that...

Milhouse Manastorm for sheer comedy

Visually speaking Al'ar was just too beautiful

Illidan was awesome for lore

Man I could just go on and on.
Chess Event in Kara. So. Much. Fun.
I preferred Arthas, through-out the entire zone, The lich king was always seen in some way. Howling Fjord had you confront the Lich King in the spirit zone. The game placed huge emphisis and you got a clue who was your main enemy was. Your efforts in Northrend were to first eliminate Arthas' forces. Sure you had some minor setbacks, but these threats could be as deadly as the scourge itself. As you made the assault on the citadael itself, you also came face to face with Arthas again, but forced to retreat for how ill-prepared you were.

I wish they made the same with Deathwing himself. His human model could've made true appearance, rather than torch many zones and act as if he was almighty. Deathwing was an unbelieveably boring boss with little to no influence on the hero's main goal.
Lich King & Alexandros Mograine
Lich King

William and Donna of Stormwind. Their continuous devious act on destroying each other toys is foreshadowing future evil schemes, mark my words.
Yogg-Saron without a doubt, i still love it and ulduar after all this time :]



Kel'Thuzad's Gold Coin
Thaddius, then Illidan.

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