Favourite bad guy/boss in wow

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Onyxia...I had to make the cloaks for the guild (how old school is THAT?), but I always remembered that feeling of dread when:

Onyxia takes a deep breath...

And seeing the pet version taking a deep breath always gives me a nostalgic chuckle.
Warcraft III is when I was first introduced to the world of Azeroth, so the two that really stuck with me are Arthas and Sylvanas. I think they are two of the most well-developed lore-wise. You really love to hate Arthas after what he did to his father and his people, and Sylvanas is kind of a sad story, I thought she was awesome as a ranger, then she became enslaved to Arthas and even when finally free now she's just psycho.
Illidan, Arthas, Kael'thas, and Professor Putricide.
It's between Algalon or Nefarian.

Herald was really fun and I've never seen such an amazing encounter but I think I may have to go with Nefarian. He is one classy dragon.
Warmaster Blackhorn.

The optional troll rogue boss in ZG. The one that says "Rogues do it from behind" and then lets out the most hilarious laugh ever. I think it's this guy: http://www.wowhead.com/npc=52269. But am not sure.
Kael would be my favourite. Too many people go along with the silly "just a setback" meme which pollutes his legacy in WoW, but the overall story was incredibly well done.

As most know the truth was he never died in Tempest Keep and he was always coming back -- the yell he made in Shattrath when you handed in his sphere confirmed that well over a year Sunwell ever landed on servers. I think the end of the Burning Crusade story arc where he betrayed his own people to try and summon Kil'jaeden was quite amazing.

Almost all the other bosses in the game depend on some sort of gimmick to be tough but Patchwerk was a genuinely a strong opponent. He would be one of the few bosses that could roam the open world and slaughter people with no help from anyone or anything else.
Aragul from classic SFK
He was the first boss I ever fought who had mechanics. He would Teleport places, he would turn you into a Worgen and he would Shadowbolt Volley! Also the first ever elite I kileld was a Son of Aragul. I miss him...
Sure he got half a zone's quest chain in Grizzly Hills and we've lore wise killed him twice... Any chance he could be in the Emerald Dream corrupting Druids into Worgen? Please say yes blizz...
Five pages in, and no mention of Grand Warlock Nethekurse from Shattered Halls. Awwwwww....

"You want HIM? Very well, take him."
"I was going to kill him, anyway."
"Yes! Beat him mercilessly! His skull is as think as an ogre's!"

Cracks me up every time.
Shade of Aran is easily my favorite boss ever; and Karazhan as a whole for the best collection of bosses.

Honorable mention to Patchwerk, Gorefiend, and Vael.
A moment of silence for Edwin VanCleef.
"LAPDOGS! All of you!"
Shade of Aran

This guy was badass. Sheeps your whole raid so he can sit and drink rofl. Then pyroblasts you. Counterspells your healers at close range. Sucks you in and blows you up.

And Lets not forget everybodys favorite raid wipe, Flame Wreath.

Add in some water elementals at 40% for some hilarity and this guy was a riot.
Vanessa VanCleef. Enough said.
I thought Neferian was pretty awesome. Awesome in an insane kind of way. Maloriak was pretty cool too, In fact I liked most of BWD, cept for those damn robots...
Interrogator Vishas-

"I'll rip the secrets from your flesh!"
"Naughty secrets!"
"Purged by pain!"
"Tell me... tell me everything!"

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