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I preferred Arthas, through-out the entire zone, The lich king was always seen in some way. Howling Fjord had you confront the Lich King in the spirit zone. The game placed huge emphisis and you got a clue who was your main enemy was. Your efforts in Northrend were to first eliminate Arthas' forces. Sure you had some minor setbacks, but these threats could be as deadly as the scourge itself. As you made the assault on the citadael itself, you also came face to face with Arthas again, but forced to retreat for how ill-prepared you were.

I wish they made the same with Deathwing himself. His human model could've made true appearance, rather than torch many zones and act as if he was almighty. Deathwing was an unbelieveably boring boss with little to no influence on the hero's main goal.

This. Very much this. I heard there was some quests that showed a little more story behind death wing and something to do with Alextrasa and him going at it...but most people were allready level 85 and had stoped questing so they missed them. The quests in LK helped with lore, helped maintain intrest, helped give the expansion a fitting finially and excited the fan base about the next expansion. Death Wing, who? Fire everywhere...just never commited to the story.
<3 Nefarian. That's all I'll say.
Morogrim Tidewalker

Dude ... he farts bubbles.
The Lich King for just being an all around amazing bad guy.

Close Second is Nefarian, for creating an entire evil species of chromatic dragons, and for giving you the amazing title "<NAME>, Slayer of Stupid, Incompetent and Disappointing Minions" You cannot beat that title
Solely on their lines during the fight, I've always had a soft spot for Warp Splinter in the Botanica. I just really like his voice. And it's kind of sad killing a big old senile tree-man for one measly badge of justice.


I think Algalon would have been a favorite if I'd ever gotten to actually fight him.
I'm going to have to say Rhahk'Zor, from the old Deadmines. "VAN CLEEF PAY BIG FOR YOU HEADS!" still holds a special place in my heart.
Arthas. I've always liked his story ever since playing Warcraft 3 and reading the book Arthas by Christie Golden. His story is fascinating and he is by far my favorite.
Give some loving to the first DK.

Teron Gorefiend!
Illidian for sure. I've been waiting 7 years to play a demon hunter ;_;
I consider Arthas my bro, even though he's an evil nutjob.

Besides Arthas, likely Ozruk.






So much win.
Reliquary of the Lost, I love the multi-personality/switch faces theme.

Zul'Jin takes second.
Sorry folks, old school.

Either Malygos or Old-school Onyxia.
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Kael'thas Sunstrider

This, still the most epic feeling fight to date imo.

I would have to say either:
A. Arthas Menentheil
B. Archmage Argul
C. Professor Putricide.
Favorite boss?

Putricide is pure win, with his good news & the slime flowing again.

Favorite boss to kill, because I hate her so much?

Sindragosa and anyone else voiced by that actress. Idk what it is, but her voice drives me up that wall. "Suffer mortals, as your pathetic magic betraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyysssss you!" still makes me want to punch babies, just to get that sound out of my head.

Edit: I just realized that I'm torn between Putricide and Steelbreaker.

"You seek the secrets of Ulduar? Then take them!"

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