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I can't say I have a favorite one. I have favorites. Kael'thas, Illidan, that crazy two headed ogre that says "You wait here! Me go kill something else!" Then the other head says "That not funny!"

Personally My Fav boss is the chess match in Karazhan.

I Liked Sindragosa but with her it was more "Watch mortals as your pathetic Internet connection BETRAYSSSSSS YOU."
I've always enjoyed Yogg-saron the most, and all of the Ulduar encounters were fun (cept for the original trash room prior to mim before it was nerfed)
Algalon should make a comeback sometime soon. Him and the Titans are due.

Krasus. Yes, he's dead as of a book, but I would totally be game to fight him as a boss.

Malfurion. Yeah, he never died, but he recently woke up, and I would be more than happy to see more of him in action. Same with all the ancients. The Demi gods are back, I would absolutely love to see Aviana doing something really cool up in the sky during a boss fight. Maybe during some sort of gunship fight even. Or at the base of a tree and moving up the tree via flight. Goldrinn needs to come out and kick some butt, even if Varian Wrynn is involved, I'd still be down for that.

Lady Vashj. I don't see how or why they would bring her back but I would not be surprised to see her again if Azshara shows up this expansion.

I wouldn't mind seeing a redo of Ahn Quiraj, just... not a redo of Ahn Quiraj. Now some kind of new wing of AQ, or a massive Silithid Hive down in Pandaria? Yeah, I'm down with that.

I would love to go back in time via CoT to witness the epic battle between Orgrim Doomhammer and Anduin Lothar. Yes, I'm Horde and I have respect for Lothar.

Varok Saurfang needs to make a showing again at some point. Yes, he's not a villain, but I miss the old warrior. It would be especially cool to see him and his brother back in the old days. Like maybe at a certain battle? Involving Doomhammer and Lothar? Just a thought.
Sindragosa in ICC.
The amazing title screen in WOTLK that had an angry resurrected blue dragon roaring at you through surround sound speakers every time you logged in was epic.

Also it really was when boys became men in the whole little scheme of icc.
Was never a serious raider but i ALWAYS remember people messing that fight up (i'm guilty once or twice myself) and after finally working so hard, after listening to her tell us how pathetic and untrustworthy our magic was seeing her fall for the first time was truly one of the best raid moments for me. every now and then i go back to ICC, looking upon the boss that gave me so much grief, such a beast.
7 pages and the only mention of Deathwing is how much less involved he is compared to lich king..madness..

favourite/favorite will definitely go to arthas..i felt so complete when i finally killed him when though he was being face rolled by the time i killed him..my short years WoW journey is finally fulfilled.
Yogg-Saron was just plain awesome
I loved Mr. Smite, i remember pulling all of deadmines in bc for my friends......


Also old Van Cleef because "none may challenge the brotherhood"
I'd have to say that Sargeras is my favorite villain of them all.

For in-game bosses, Halion was my favorite for his mechanics, and Malygos was my favorite for lore.
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Drakuru was the best real villain.

Completely agree

quotes-Putricide is obvious
voice-Any troll boss :)
mechanics-first time i ever faced sarth with his flamewaves
Hogger - Back when he was in Elwyn Forest

The first elite mob I ever ran into back in 2004.
I seem to remember him taking me down rather quickly, and breaking my wooden hammer.
Then he ran back to his harem of gnolls, with a hyena like chuckle.


I have considered him my arch nemesis since
Kil'Jaeden. Eagerly awaiting his return.
You just got MALOWNED!
i will like sargeras when he becomes the final boss of this game.
Putress is my favorite, by far. He was SUCH a badass villain: Everything from his model (Which later became a tier that I consider the best Warlock one behind Nemesis), to his voice, to his storyline, to the plot twist, to the Battle for the Undercity. Everything about him was so utterly fantastic as a villain, the only thing I was disappointed in was that Blizzard created this amazing character out of nowhere only to kill him like a 1/4 of the way into the expansion.

It made me so sad, and I'd love to see him again in some sort of fashion. I mean, it's not hard to bring Forsaken back to life.

I think the reason I love him the best is because he is not the "Bwahaha, I'm so strong and tough, and I'm the bad guy!" type of villain. He's more like Sylvanas, in that he's tactical and intelligent.
Gandling in vanilla Scholomance never knew where you would be ported to
Selin Fireheart
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