Favourite bad guy/boss in wow

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02/21/2012 12:05 PMPosted by Xzeroth
first of all, no favourite is not spelt wrong because thats the way it's spelt in some places.

"Spelled", however, is.
Based on voice acting alone, Nexus Prince Shaffar is my favorite. His initial speech when you enter his room never fails to drive me into girly nerdgasms.

Mr. Smite

i miss him :'(
Thaddius, Netherspite and the Reliquary of Souls. All three of which are unique and interesting concepts.
Lich King, a thousand times Lich King. Epic fight, and we were set up all expansion to kill him. That's how wow villains should be imo. I should be craving his blood, and blown away by the intense battle.
My first would be The Headless Horseman.


My second would be Moroes.
Vanessa Van Cleef.

Her thighs are the most terrifying thing Azeroth has ever seen.
Renataki hands down.

"Rogues do it from behind!"
"It only hurts the first time... (the second time you're dead!)"
"Perhaps a quick stab will let out all that tension in your shoulders..."

Priceless innuendo combined with an amazing laugh.
Arthas Menathil - The story of his fall rivals in infamy the story of Thrall in his rise to Glory. For me it was the ultimate catharsis to become his regicide. Killing the Lich King was a fitting end to the most successful expansion Blizzard has produced for World of Warcraft and an end to an era of storytelling arcs that began in Warcraft III. For me despite defeating Neltharion, his twilight's hammer minions and the surviving members of his clutch, throughout Cataclysm, it has not come close to the prestige and honour I feel when I proudly wear the title, Kingslayer.

Here's to the hope the writers can come up with new epic characters to rival him and to emotionally invest us in their ultimate annihilation.
Favorite Villain in Lore: Kel'Thuzad. (Necromancers <3)

Favorite Boss In-Game: Falric. (Only because the the voice clips. "Fear... so exhilarating... / Despair... so delicious..." :3)
High Priestess Azil for humor. For her voice and awesome name drop.
Witness the power bestowed upon me by DEATHWING.

All time over all favorite, Algalon the Observer. Getting the title when it meant something felt like such an accomplishment. Especially with the hour timer. The room,boss, and loot looked very unique. I always felt like he should of dropped Celestial Steed..
Lich King by far. That boss fight was so awesome, it gives me chills just thinking about it.


or Sarth.

I think in general ICC had a lot of memorable bad guys though.

That ability where he launches you caused me so many deaths back in the day. Plus, he had two of the most awesome legendary weapons ever. Hand of Sulfuron (?) and Thunderfury came from that raid.
Visually Best - Algalon

Most challenging mechanics - LK

Most Annoying - Yogg

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