[A] Weekly ICC25 Heroic Clear - Sat. 8PM CTL

Leading ICC raids to go as quickly as possible so we farm Invincible's Reins. First raid went down 2/25/2012 in which Lich King was one-shotted.

My RealID: thejummy@gmail.com
Please provide a little message as to whom is sending me message and origin when you do the friend request.

: removed.

Disclaimer: I have received well over 45+ friend requests of people wanting to go in so for the time being I'm considering the roster closed. I might also start running two a week as well so all people can go through. This will also help make it easier for those running shards as that gives an entirely new raid group for ICC.

What: Icecrown Citadel 25m Heroic

When: Friday @ 8PM Central - 3/16/2012.

Why: To farm Invincible's Reins for a 100% free roll & pummel the Lich King.

Legendary Reserves:
Shards: (1) Krayos, (2) Tankaden.
Plague Infusion: Holysurge
Blood Infusion: Holysurge
Frost Infusion: Holysurge
Bloods: TBA

Requirements: With ICC buff everyone is expected to pull 20k DPS on standing fights, ie: Saurfang. I've been somewhat lenient in the past but I won't be carrying anyone further for an undeserved mount roll.

Raid Set-up: 2 Tanks, 6 Healers, 17 DPS with some OS healers for Dreamwalker. I would like to have a majority of ranged so we can continue to burn LK through Remorseless Winter while Melee will focus on adds.

All loot will be open roll for transmogrification or vendor except Shadowfrost Shard. There will be queue upon completions of the Shadowmourne questline. I will be running the group far after I get Shadowmourne in hopes of getting Invincible's Reins myself (which could be forever). Which means I will be running the raid and reserving Shadowfrost Shard for future players. People doing Infusions will be confirmed at beginning of raid by first-come priority.

I've decided from every week on people who repeatably come to the raid will get a +10 to their roll if Invincible drops. I don't want to have done 5-6 raids before one finally drops and someone who has just joined for the first time win the roll.

Judging from the rolls on other stuff there are individuals just in this for the mount.

Currently I am 37/50 on Shadowfrost Shard.
I am very interested in being in your run, and I am trying to obtain shadowmourne myself. I am currently on the unholy infusion quest, please contact me through realID at novembersky227@yahoo.com. I think my involvement of your run will be mutually beneficial for us both, and I look forward to hearing from you.
o derp you're alliance, my mistake
Oh man, sorry to hear. I do know Kraai is doing her ICC runs -


She is almost done with her questline and showing the same intent for farming Invincible.
I signed up. I'm on the infusion quests for the Shadowmourne. Thanks!
I saw - just confirmed and accepted.
Currently -

1 Tank
1 Tank with DPS OS
1 Healer

If you add yourself via Open Raid I will add your RealID Friday Evening - Saturday morning to be ready for invites Saturday evening @ 8PM CTL.
I would love to attend these runs for the title and possible mount. my real id is Nsane1ner@yahoo.com I have full 10 man clear experience and know the fights. I am raid aware and should have very little problem carrying my own weight in dps. Include icc25 in response so I know to add you. I will attempt to log on early so I can chat or perhaps on friday so I can make sure I have a spot. I am in Mountain time and play on a pacific server so times shouldnt be an issue.
Sounds good - added you on Open Raids. Expect the request Friday...
Bumping due to it being Dakota Fanning's birthday.
I'm on the Splintered Throne Quest as we speak ... have 6 / 50 Shards and I wouldn't mind Tanking if I can get in line to finish my quest
I just wanted to put a reply here. I am about 4 achievements away from the meta on my Warlock, two (sindragosa, putricide) of which are heroic achievements and the other two (all you can eat, neck deep) should be rather trivial with the increased dps of an 85. I am not sure if I will be able to make it this week, but I am planning to check it out in the coming weeks. If nothing else, here is a bump for you.
Went ahead and added a list of roles and currently filled in the OP.

Need more healers and DPS - more ranged the better.
i'm interested, i'll sign up on the site shortly
I've got you added Kinnon and thank you VOltari.
Bumping to wish Happy Independence day to anyone from Estonia.
Signed up on Open Raid!
Signed up on OpenRaid awaiting approval.
I have added you both and sent out the real IDs to the current roster. Also added my real ID to the original post seems as the deadline is tomorrow evening.

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