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Bleeding Hollow
Hi there,
My friend and I are planning on transferring to a higher pop server for raiding (possibly this one) because our current guild's raiding core has disbanded due to attendance issues.

We are looking for raiding spots, 10 or 25man that are working on heroic modes. We care about progressing in content but also want to have a fun time doing so!

Our current progression is (7/7 normal) 6/7 HM FL and (8/8 normal) 1/8 HM DS

Raid times that work for us are Monday- Thursday, 7pm EST - 11pm EST

I am elemental, while he is mainly affliction but raids w/ all specs depending on fight. We know our class, have no attendance issues, and come prepared to raids. And we are in fact a “package deal”!

Armory links:
Mine- http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/auchindoun/enzr/simple
His- http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/auchindoun/sefi/simple

If your guild has any interest in possible recruitment of us please send me a message in Skype (madseason8080) or send an email to sw33tlip@gmail.com
Check out herosquad.us for the info.
Hey, Nerfed at Birth is about to transfer to Bleeding Hollow this weekend and we would love to recruit you. We are also 1/8h and ready to get some serious raiding done on our new server.

Our schedule is a tiny bit later than yours, we raid 8:30-12:00 est but we might be open to adjusting depending on how things look after the xfer.

Looks like you're horde, but if you don't mind coming to alliance we'll have you! Hope to raid with you soon :)
Thank you for the response, but unfortunately neither of your raid times will work for us! I wish you luck with your recruitment!
L E G E N D A R Y. we raid tues-thurs 11:00pm-2am server. we are starting heroic but will definitely be 1/8, no doubt

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