Holy Shield kinda sucks now...

I don't even have it on my bar. What gives? The old holy shield used to be awesome, it felt so paladin-like for some reason. Now I'm forced to take this watered-down talent so I can 1-shot people with sacred duty procs. Is it even used at 85?
02/22/2012 10:45 PMPosted by Yaequilaetis
I don't even have it on my bar.


02/22/2012 10:45 PMPosted by Yaequilaetis
Is it even used at 85?

It is a potent CD at 85.
It sucks at your level, that's true. At level 80 you get Mastery, and in current raid gear it is absurdly easy to get your Mastery to the point where every single melee attack is either avoided or blocked. Once you get to that point, Holy Shield becomes more powerful than Divine Protection when dealing with blockable melee attacks. It's really a quite strong ability.

Unless you're looking at it from a purely PvP point of view, in which case I guess it does suck.
Wow, really? This again? I thought we buried this myth a long time ago. I'll concede that it's basically useless before level 80 when you only have 5% block. That's just a failure on Blizzard's part in how they squeezed in mastery. On the plus side, it doesn't really matter anyways for low level dungeons.
02/22/2012 10:45 PMPosted by Yaequilaetis
I don't even have it on my bar.

Please please put it on your action bar. As others have said it is a potent melee cooldown and you should definitely be using it.

Even though we only have 5% block until level 80 you should have it on your bars when you get it just so you can get used to using it. I hope the 5% block until 80 is something they fix in MoP, it's a bit dumb tbh. Post 80 it is definitely better.
I enjoy the help and advice that the first 3 posters gave.

For the rest of you guys, I wasn't aware what master for prot paladins did and how holy shield tied in with it.
There's a guide at the top that you should probably read.
Oh, I have another question while I'm here and might as well not start a new thread about it.

Is it better to use crusader strike or hammer of the righteous on a single target. I know that crusader strike deals more damage but the holy damage from hammer goes through armor and cant be resisted. So which is more efficient?
Crusader strike is always far more, with 2/2 WotL.
It's not even on the Global Cool down...just sayin...so you know, you could just macro it in with something else.

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