Oldy Time Tichondrius Nostalgia Thread

After reading the "Start of a New Era" thread, it sounds like we need a good old, butthurt-free, thread to talk about the good old days. Give us your stories, screenshots, fraps clips, whatever.

Not sure if you're a real old-timer? See if you know these!

1) This Horde Shaman was known for never healing and having a (rather tellingly named) guild and family dedicated to farming honor and raid gear for him

2) This was the fatter, female...r version of #1. Less account sharing, just as much loot-whoring (emphasis on whoring)

3)These are the two best players on Tichondrius, and really the answer to any questions.

4) Name all of the Scarab Lords

5) Name the GM who made a rather timely disappearance during the AQ Farm event
1) Deathmaker?

2) Alea, or, Retrodruid


4) Draconix, hmmm

5) same as above, alliance mage, guild leader, name escapes me ><
1) steelballa
2) steelballa
3) steelballa
4) steelballa
5) steelballa
Forget this trivia!



Arlanil opened the gates. Don't remember who the GM was that showed up.

Tab is the true president of Tichondrius.

I'm guessing you're saying #3 is Alea/Steelballa.

Gankorade used to be Whitey until they forced a name change on him.

No Skill was the best PvP alliance guild on the server until they left.
1: Khaz & Jobby

2: Khaz & Jobby

3: Khaz & Jobby

4: Khaz & Jobby

5: Khaz & Jobby

All hail president Tab!
1) I don't know
2) Retrodruid
3) Khaz and Jobby
4) I know there was someone from Insomnia, Apu and Natural (maybe natural and apu were xfers, can't remember)
5) don't know

I didn't really play Vanilla wow, I played my brothers account so i was out of the whole thing until BC. Hence the lack of knowledge
1) Deathmaker

2) RetroDruid (famous for finally sulfuras)

3)Khax & Jobby, unless you asked Quest...

4)Natural, Apu, (Natural got the mount)

5) Arlanil is the account seller IIRC, maybe not.

6. What hunter just wanted his WSG bracers? (Edited to make it easier)
have screenshots of Steelballa's wedding massacre on my space, just google Kamoori. Also my alt still has the original "Black Dawn" guild on Tich.

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