Canadian Players

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Winnipeg MB in day house.what what :(
@Timore, Slow it down tiger.....

I just got so excited. I couldn't help it.
Downtown Toronto

Toronto, here!
LOL, its all good, just playin Timore :)
Niagara representing. F the alliance.
Penticton, BC here.
Toronto, Ontario too! :DD Amy#1324 Lets hang!
Toronto, Ontario here.
Toronto, Ontario also
A lot of players from Toronto i'm noticing.
!@#$, just moved from Barrie to T.O. Anyone attending Seneca?
Anyone lucky enough that got tickets to Blizzcon?
I'm not Canadian, but hey Tia! :)
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.
Toronto, Ont. and Horde FTW
Toronto, Ont. and Horde FTW


Well, Aurora, Ontario, if you wanna get specific
Scarborough, Ontario
Vancouver, BC.

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