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Moon Guard
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“Hidden in the deepest recesses of Azeroth, there waits an abundance of unclaimed power. Valuable artifacts, relics, treasures, and resources thought to have been lost to history are now sought after by Silvermoon's Reliquary.

Brave adventurers are needed to support the acquisition of such artifacts, which are in danger of being stolen or tampered with by amateur teams of thieves such as the Explorer's League or agents of the Alliance.

The Dominion of the Sun, a private organization led by Tendael Dawnlight, provides attractive benefits to its employees:

DISCOVERY - Employees will travel across Azeroth and beyond in pursuit of archaic lands and mysteries shrouded in lore, learning how certain powers were misused and led to the fall of empires and mighty heroes.

EXPERIENCE - Instructed by seasoned war veterans, Dominion employees will receive first-class training in combat and military discipline, transforming them into capable soldiers.

TREASURE - Ancient weapons, tomes, jewels, armor, and other findings are bestowed upon those who possess the courage to look. Employees of the Dominion may find the wealth obtained from excavations become more lucrative than their regular salary.

Interested persons should contact anyone wearing our tabard."

-A flyer scattered around Silvermoon, bearing the seal of the Dominion of the Sun.


About Us

The Dominion of the Sun is a privately owned organization that supports the Reliquary of Silvermoon by means of military reinforcement, research, and education. There are countless objects of value thought to have been lost to history, but these artifacts are being sought after by the sin'dorei to enhance their lives and secure a brighter future.

Members of the Dominion will see their share of action. Enemies of the blood elves are lurking around every corner, and those who stand in the way of growth and progress must be quickly dispatched before any acquisitions can be made. For this reason, the Dominion functions like a military, providing the training and equipment necessary to maintain an active army. Commanded by experienced veterans, the Dominion's battle record will silence any critics who are so naive to believe it is simply a civilian operation.

The organization, however, is not focused entirely on combat. Once an artifact has been found, it must be researched and categorized. As a leading advocate of culture and society in Quel'Thalas, the Dominion hosts several events each week that stimulate bright minds and provide education for those who understand the power of knowledge.

Ultimately, the Dominion of the Sun will provide everything an adventurer could possibly want.


Our recruitment process is detailed in a thread found on our website:


Guild Structure

Sovereign - Guild Master
.....Eminence - Officer rank
..........Exemplar - Sub-officer rank
..........Honor Guard - PVP veteran rank
...............Sunherald - Third promotional rank
....................Dawnseeker - Second promotional rank
.........................Firesworn - First promotional rank
.........................Partisan - Non-combat or mercenary rank
..............................Oathbearer - Standard initiate rank
...................................Auxiliary - Uninitiated or OOC members

The organization is broken down into three divisions based on purpose. Each division is run by an officer and supported by a team of sub officers. Divisions work separately to accomplish special missions, but also work together to carry out the Dominion's agenda.

Ashborne Corps - Steadfast men of arms who have sworn to protect the Dominion's assets and conquer any opposition standing in the way of their goals.
Magisterium - Brilliant sorcerers and mystics whose sheer intellectual prowess can unlock the secrets of antiquities, yet still devastate their enemies with wrathful spells.
Conclave of the Sun - Devoted communion that leads the Dominion in healing and spiritual growth and provides moral balance to the organization.

A more detailed explanation of our ranks can be found here:



Website: http://thedominion.shivtr.com
Headquarters: Farstrider Retreat, Eversong Woods
Guild Leader: Tendael
Officers: Anashae, Volanaro, Colius, Syrinthia
Sub-Officers: Elvoriel, Ethelinda
Current Guild Level: 25
Ventrilo Capactiy: 50
Perks: Recipe: Seafood Magnifique Feast Reins of the Dark Phoenix Dark Phoenix Hatchling Recipe: Cauldron of Battle

(Last updated 04/20/12)
Events Listing

Most of our events are open to guests. If you would like more information regarding anything listed, please whisper one of our contacts. Calendar invitations can be provided!

May - Siege of Northwatch Hold! (Theramore Campaign)
Tuesday 8:30 - War Games - Team building and military training sessions conducted with allied RP-PVP guilds.
Wednesday 7:00 - Silvermoon Symposium - Civil lectures, debates, discussions held in the Hall of Respite. (See below)


"Intellectuals, scholars, and educated denizens of Quel'Thalas are invited to an open discussion hosted by the Dominion of the Sun. Refreshments will be provided as we engage in topics such as philosophy, war, magic, culture, religion, politics, and other pressing issues of our ever-changing world.

The Hall of Respite, south of the Royal Exchange in Silvermoon will be reserved every Wednesday at seven in the evening. Guests are welcome."

-A bulletin posted recently in Silvermoon bearing the Dominion seal.

-----What is the Symposium?-----

The Symposium is an IC discussion of topics within the Warcraft Universe in which your character may participate in and share his or her view of the world. Is your character an advocate for peace? A patriot of their nation? A researcher of a controversial field? Let us hear what they have to say! All races are welcome! If you're a fan of lore-based discussions or debates, you'll likely enjoy this event.

-----Tentative Schedule for May-----



Location: Hall of Respite (South end of the Royal Exchange)
Contacts: Tendael, Syrinthia
Time: 7:00 PM Server Time, Every Wednesday
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