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Guild Recruitment
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Big Crits - Da Crew is recruiting!
If you have any questions or are interested add my real ID: hempia at yahoo dot com.

Current Da Crew Progression levels:
3/8HM 10m Dragonsoul - Da Crew Honeybadger (Tues-Weds-Friday -7-10pm EST)
1/8HM 25m Dragonsoul - Da Crew 25m (Thurs+Sunday 8-11 EST)
1/8HM 10m Dragonsoul - Da Crew PBS (Wed+Thurs 8-11 EST)

Who do we want to recruit?
Our goal is to get players that love the game and raiding to apply, we are extremely active with alt runs, GDKPS, RBG's old content and mount runs in our free time and would love to add other players who enjoy this type of content onto our roster.

What is Da Crew?

Da Crew is about having fun while killing bosses and holding yourself to the high performance standards that should be expected of any serious raider. We also have a number of different teams and progression levels to appeal to a wide variety of players.

Big Crits the guild and what it stands for
Our standards are simple and consistent across all classes, specs, and players. If you want to make it from initiate to member and continue to be a part of the raiding team you need to meet the following three simple standards:

1)Play your class well.
2)Play well with others.
3)Show your commitment to the guild.

Da Crew 10m Honeybadger(Tues-Weds-Friday Schedule - 7-10pm Eastern)
- Recruitment currently closed for this team

Da Crew 10m PBS - (Wed+Thurs 8-11 EST)
High Priority - DK/Warrior/Pally TANK
Medium- Rogue

Da Crew 25m (Thurs+Sunday 8-11 EST)
High Priority - Holy Pally, Holy/Disc Priest, Dps Warrior, Warlock, Ret Pally
Medium priority - Shadow Priest, Mage, Dk Dps, Resto Druid
Low - Ele sham, Hunter

EVERY PLAYER regardless of class will be looked at and evaluated to see if they can beat the current raiders on our roster.

Our application process takes around 24 to 72 hours from start to finish. We require all players to submit an application, We review said application in house then you will be given a verbal interview with our officers and members of your class, if all checks out you will be invited to transfer. Our initiation process lasts 1 month to make sure both parties have the correct fit.

Please apply at:
We're seeking more quality and fun raiders!
You're getting me new toys?!
Yes Tayl. But you must share them with the rest of Da Crew. ;)
Awesome group of people, Looking for a few more that wanna raid and are willing to go the distance!
Looking for people who want to be part of an awesome group!
If "toys" are gonna get used can we have screenshots or it didnt happen
Toys get used all the time... It's even more exciting when they get all Toy Story on us and use us back! >.<
Today is Saturday! I'm around all day... so hit me up!

We raid w/o pants. But doesn't everyone?
I have two entirely different songs titled "New Toy" in my iTunes. One by Lene Lovich and the other by JunkieXL.

I want a New Toy, to keep my head expanding
I want a New Toy, nothing too demanding
Then when everything is in roses everything is static
Yeah my New Toy, you'll find us in the attic

Play with me, I'm your new toy
Wind me up, I'll make a noise
Push the button on my head
Now I'll come with you to bed

Suddenly, I am reminded of a band I like, called Evil's Toy. Seems appropriate.
XT's voice is still my favorite. Granted I can only take so much of it too - but it still holds a special place in my heart.

"New toys!? For me?"

Aww yeah.
Speaking of toys, do Lightwells count? I wouldn't mind one of those.
A lightwell or a bunch of bubbles. Either can do well in our environment.
My bubbles!
Everyone's bubbles!

Still looking for applicants. You can hit me up in game too! Add my realID: hempia at yahoo dot com if you have any questions. <3
Bubbles are pretty. I'm serious! Do a google image search, you'll see.

I think he meant bubbles... >.<
We sure would like to add YOU to our roster!

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