How do I redeem my Recruit A Friend mount?

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On December 26th I sent myself a request through the RAF promotion to create a new account, activated the starter account, and purchased the full game for it from there.
I then added 30 days of play time to the account that I purchased from the online store, and a 60 day game card in that order.
As of today (2/25/2012) the game card became active, which should have unlocked the redeemable mount because at least 60 days of game time have now been purchased and redeemed for the account.
It's my understanding that to redeem the mount I'll have to do it from my account online, however I don't see anywhere or anything that will allow me to redeem the mount. Is there a wait time even after this? Both accounts are under the same log in, I feel like this might be the reason, but I can't really see how this would affect it at all..
Any ideas?
Great Scott!!! Heheh...sorry, couldn't resist!

You should have been granted access to the mount the moment that you added the 60-day game card to be honest.

Here's a link to the FAQ on how to redeem the mount though. It's a little ways down, but it's there:
• Go to account management:

• Click on the Account you recruited from

• Click on Referrals & Rewards

• Click on Recruit a Friend

• Click on History/Status

• You should be able to see and claim it under Rewards.
Thank you! I guess I hadn't looked around enough, I expected the notification to be on the main page, or at least on the page for the vetran account. Thank you!
Thank You so much !!!!
Thanks Maul, perfect directions!

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