WoW Mouse Profile Issue

Mac Technical Support
I've seen a few people with this same issue, but I haven't been able to locate a solution.

I purchased the Steel Series WoW MMO Gaming Mouse - Legendary Edition today. After downloading and installing the software from their website, I have been unable to link to my WoW Armory profile at all.

If I click the default image of the portrait a new window pops up, asking for the realm, region and character name for the toon I'd like to link to. When I just type in Scarlet Crusade and Amplexis (using USA&Oceanic for the region) and then click ok, nothing happens.

I thought it might be an issue with the space between scarlet and crusade, so I hyphenated it instead. When I do that, I get a black profile with Amplexis displayed below, and a Level of 2 billion something.

Is there a known solution? I did read somebody mention that if you link your profile on a PC, it will work fine on a Mac afterwards. However, I do not have a PC.

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