I know most people prefer to go Haste for Affliction. Anyone out there that has gone Crit instead? If so how is it? Just wondering if the DoT damage being more bursty would be good for catching people off guard and melting them quicker.
Not worth it. Haste actually speeds up the cast times as well as making things like Fear slightly easier to get out there, increases the amount of ticks you get per cast, and things of that nature. Most of the crit Affliction has comes straight from the talent Everlasting Affliction and the passive crit brought out by Intellect.

Crit is also on RNG, so it is just a little less predictable while Haste actually speeds up the melting process more reliably, while allowing the bonus crits as icing on the cake.
My aff set is actually sitting on 25% crit, RBGs only I actually love it. You should still have around 7-12 haste though before DI, without it your peels will take to long.

Keep in mind I never let myself drop below 4k resil either. As that is one of the best areas to stay at while pushing offensive stats. If you are having survival issues shoot for 4300.

Edit: I would never suggest crit for arena.
I wonder how mastery would do..
I wonder how mastery would do..

Your magnefient gnome beard and lock helm amazes me.

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