A HRag 10 Week Mount Farm 7:30 Wed. 2/10kills

Gabriellus - Jubei'thos
DK - Blood
6/7H - Corrupted Meta complete, no attempts on H Rag though
Can stay for the 10 weeks, just can't seem to read what day this is happening on
Did it tonight. Got it down after a hour of small mistakes in around 1 hr 30 mins.

Rolled a 27 :(. Beer won with a solid 100
Character Name & Server:Grahroller- thunderhorn
Class / Spec: Warrior/ Tank/ dps
Gear: Ilvl 392
Experience:3/7hm know all
I can stay for the 10 weeks to ensure all people get the mount (Yes/No answer):yes

real IdScutascuta@yahoo.com
9 Weeks to go.

Thanks to all that came.

Only would be concidering backups as our rdruid does have some other commitments.

(Backups can roll on the mount and do not have to come back after getting it, although we would appreaciate if you did to save us that extra week of farming)
If only this wasn't on a Wed night....
My guild raids are Wed/Thur/Sun. If there was any possibility of a second run on another day, I would be more than happy to help farm till the expac
Bump for 2nd kill. 8 weeks to go.

Looking for backup rdruid (will not have to stay 10 weeks)
And Backup tanks / dps.

Grats to dog on mount.
Hi there,

Happy to be a backup.

Just need to know how long the raid lasts for?
hey! would like to come, i have 6/7 FL HM experience and i need eternal embers. able to stay for 10 weeks! 396 Fire Mage. 3/8 HM DS.

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