Need a Healer/DPS for midnight raids!

Guild Recruitment
<Midnight Special>, level 15, on Scarlet Crusade (US) is looking for a new, permanent healer as well as someone capable of Raid Leading our late night 10 man runs!

Any healer class is welcome. We raid Fridays and Saturdays at 11:55pm-3:00am CST. Friday nights raid in Dragon Soul (8/8 reg), Saturday nights we finish up Dragon Soul and then head out to Firelands (7/7 reg).

Prospective Raid Leaders could be a healer or DPS class. We are looking for someone who knows the fights, inside and out, and doesn't mind hanging out with a fun, yet progression minded group of people.

We are looking to start downing Firelands bosses on heroic mode, but we are in desperate need of a permanent third healer AND a Raid Leader. If you are interested, simply leave a reply below or visit our guild website ( for more information and an application.

I look forward to getting to know you!

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