<Sedition> Recruiting!

General Info about <Sedition>!
We are a 10m Progression Guild looking to go hard and progress fast. Our raiders consist of skilled players with knowledge of their class and are picked for their abillity to excell with their spec/class.
Progression of <Sedition>!
Firelands - 7/7
T12 - 12/12
Dragon Soul (Currently) - 8/8 (soon to be higher)

Currently Recruiting for <Sedition>!


-Protection Paladin (Low)
- Protection Warrior (Immediate Spot)( Decent DPS Spec)
- Blood Death Knight (Low)
- Feral Druid (Immediate Spot)( Decent Healing OS)


-Resto Druid (Closed)
-Resto Shaman (Closed)
-Holy Paladin (Closed)
-Discipline Priest (Medium)



-Frost Death Knight (Medium)
-Arms Warrior (Medium)


-Shadow Priest (High)

Raid Times/Days of <Sedition>!

Tuesday/Thursday 4-7 PST

Any Question for <Sedition>!

If any questions or thoughts come up please do not hesitate to contact me Reportedfail in game or through Real ID or our GM Strath

Reportedfail (Recruitment Officer)
-Levi71249@gmail.com <------More Important

Strath (Guild Master)
-brayboys123@yahoo.com <----Less Important

Ty for your time and please consider if interested ^_^

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