First thing you did when you hit max level

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What was the first thing you did when u hit max level 60/70/80/85
Went to Disney Land!
60: distribute new talent point

70: see above

80: see above

85: see above
Dinged 70 on my alliance paladin back early in BC in Netherstorm...headed to the FP and took it all the way to Wildhammer Stronghold in Shadowmoon and bought flying and a black griffin. Was so excited to finally be flying, I flew all the way back to Shat (at 60% speed >.<)

80: don't remember

85: don't remember

80 and 85 were so easy to get to, they just didn't stick out as anything special.
60: distribute new talent point

70: see above

80: see above

85: see above

Except I wasn't around when the first 3 were max level really.

On a side note, I actually did...nothing.

I didn't do any heroics, or dungeons, for like, 2-3 months after hitting level 85
60: Went and bought the BoE pieces of shadowcraft and then started looking for a group for UBRS.
70: Went and bought the blue lvl 70 pvp gear.
80: Bought some gear off the Ah and did a heroic
85: Bought some gear off the Ah and some rep gear and did a heroic.
Went to sleep, as I had been playing for almost a whole day getting there
yall dont seem that enthusiastic once u hit max lvl >.> at 60 i breathed a sigh of relief finally getting to max lvl then ran around the house shouting until i fell and smashed my face on the floor >.> then i did a bg :D
60: Went back to Uldaman to talk to the enchanting trainer
70: Got made fun of for not being able to afford flying
80: Heroics
85: Heroics

After spending my talent point and training skills of course. And buying whatever gear I could afford from the AH :D
killed a !@#$ ton of alliance at nessingwarries in stv... I camped it for days
80: Killed the vrykul that was still attacking me.
85: Killed the ogre that was still attacking me.
70 Was excited until I realized Wrath was coming out in a few months. (This was on another character)

80 Went back to Dalaran and did a victory lap around it (The same character as above)

85 Told everyone I finally had an 85 to run with them again. Then got dragged into a heroic ASAP. (This character the one that hit 70 and 80 has been retired)
Procrastinated gearing up by far sighting around every area I could find.
Level 60 was a big deal, think I did a UBRS run. 70, can't remember. 80 and 85 just more dungeons.
60 I wasn't around
70 logged off
80 geared up
85 geared up
/g ty

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