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I couldn't get the extra buttons on my Logitech G300 gaming mouse to work. Here's how I fixed it. Hope this can help others:

1. Download the Logitech software
2. Open the software and click on "Automatic Game Detection" (top right)
3. Click on "Customize Buttons" (at the bottom)
*For me, the problem was with G6 & G7, the game didn't read "L ctrl," so I'll describe how to change that*
4. Hold your mouse over the button you want to reconfigure, it will become highlighted
5. Click on the small arrow & choose "edit"
6. Click on "start recording"
7. Press whatever you want that button to be: For me, I did SHIFT+1
8. Click "stop recording"
9. Give that button a name
10. Click OK
11. Rinse & Repeat for all other buttons
12. Hold mouse over WoW icon at the top menu, click on the small arrow, and CLICK SAVE!
13. You can test if it actually saved those buttons as SHIFT+1 (etc) by opening up note pad and clicking the button. If it types out !,@,# (etc) you know you successfully saves them as SHIFT+1,2,3 (which is !,@,#).......
14. Now that those extra mouse buttons are set, go into WoW
15. Hit ESC -> Keybindings -> and then ON THE KEYBOARD (don't use the mouse button), click on whatever you want to bind and enter the combo ON THE KEYBOARD that matches the mouse button. (So.... I went into Keybindings, and clicked SHIFT+1, which bound it to that, which matches my mouse button G6)
16. Rinse & Repeat for all of your WoW keybindings.

Hope this helps! :)
Very helpful, even all this time later. Thank you for posting! :D
this did help me even after those years <3
It is worth noting that if using this mouse in conjunction with an add-on such as "healbot continued" then you need to change the binding to cast on cling and not on release.

To make this work for me I did the following:
G5 = Shift + left click
G4 = Alt + left click
G7 = Shift + right click
G6 = Alt + Right click

(when recording the clicks you can't add the mouse action so I just hit start recording, pressed shift, stop recording, then right clicked on the results to add the left click between the shift down and shift up)

Then in healbot, I bound the spells to the mouse buttons and changed the function to cast on click rather than on release.
Thank you! You made a pretty good mouse a LOT better.
Locking thread due to age, however it looks like these steps are still current should someone need help in the future with these hotkeys. =)

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