I accidentally a mini-world-map.

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So, I was casually looking at the smaller world-map. Checking where I needed to go, nothing major. I was spacing and might have spammed click the X, when it decided to instead moved to the bottom right corner of the game in a much smaller (and rather convenient), transparent size.

I got confused/scared so I just exited out, but I'm honestly amazingly curious on how to do it again. I've tried clicking and messing with the normal small world map to no avail, and all I can find on the internet is stuff about mods to be able to make a small map like that. Thing is, I do not have ANY mods of any kind installed and I got it to do wotever it was I did.

Anyone have a clue wot I'm talking about, and/or how to repeat it?
To bring up the smaller, transparent map, do shift+m.
Could it be Shift + M?
Oh, wow. Thanks. Not sure how I did it the first time, but that's exactly wot it was.

Hooray for convenience!!
02/28/2012 07:21 PMPosted by Ozavatar
Could it be Shift + M?

Thanks I was wondering how to do that as well.

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