Is Blizzard done with race/class combos?

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I agree with Teyla!
03/01/2012 12:35 PMPosted by Kaleey
I agree with Teyla!

I am pleased to see I am not alone in my desire to be a pointy-eared, g!**@-flavoured paladin.

Edit: lol at word filter.
Every Pvp'r is going to be playing human
I really hope not. They should just remove all restrictions already. Players should be considered individuals that follow their own path. Even if not, there's plenty of possibilities to create lore supporting all classes and combos.

Only Forsaken Paladin would require some developement on the class if what I think it's really true. Well, the idea is to give a "shadow priest" spec to them. So, the Forsaken can be those plate shadow warriors. Problem solved. And as a suggestion, a DPS spec based on 1h weapons and shields, like an elemental shaman, but instead of caster, melee dps that uses the shield to atk as much as the 1h weapon with Shadow spells.

Also, I don't really know why they talk about possible restrictions when they just threw the Monk class to all races but Goblin and Worgen. And it's not a matter of starting zones. Draenei and Blood Elves are not getting ANY update on their zones nor their lore (AKA Lor'themar Theron short-story). Most likely it's just the models. Which makes me even more sad, because the Female Worgen model have a bunch of glitches and they're not going to rework the model with all others.

Those ARE NOT Draenei, those are Man'ari.

All Draenei are Eredar
All Man'ari are Eredar
Not all Eredar are Draenei
Not all Eredar are Man'ari
No Draenei are Man'ari
Draenei and Man'ari are mutually exclusive

Draenei are just the ones who escaped. A name, a definition, nothing else. It's still the same biology. They're all Eredar, Man'ari and Draenei when the matter is "race". The ones on the Burning Legion are just corrupted, turned into demons. That's all.

03/01/2012 04:19 PMPosted by Preaplanes
Shut ur mouth. Horde only has 2 pally races and alliance has 3.
Shut ur mouth. Alliance only has 2 shammy races and horde has 4.

And 5 warlocks, while Alliance have 4.
Man'ari is the name for Eredar, which is the race of the Draenei, not a faction.

To me, the absolute essense of "Your doing it wrong" was the Goblin Shamans. Goblin. Shamans. Wat.

Red Bulls and Patty Priests was the last straw of the lore camel's back. The instant Tauren took to the "Light" while somehow maintaining all connection with their ancestral/native cultural magic all hope of clinging to lore for race/class adherence was abolished.

"Holy cow" doesn't even begin to describe how wrong that was handled.

...I'd have been able to handle Forsaken taking to using the Light in some tainted, desperate attempt to reclaim lost Humanity/Faith,.. but Tauren made no sense whatsoever.

Probably missed it somewhere, but will Monks be the new Heroic class? just wondering if we're going to see another HC ever. WoW is not ageless as we've all been seeing.

I say this with love, because I know you care about spelling. It's "pandaren", not "pandaran". *hug*

Fixed it. I'm blaming tooth pain for the incorrect spelling. I'm going to now curl up under my desk in a ball and shiver for my infraction. :(
nerdy neth. <3
03/01/2012 04:41 PMPosted by Blackmonarch
Again, there's something of a disconnect with a bunch of darkness-worshippers using the Holy Light as their weapon of choice.

Night Elves don't worship darkness. They're just nocturnal. They worship the moon and the stars, and their priestesses use sacred light (moonlight) to smite enemies and heal allies, all the while wearing plate armor and dispensing martial justice. Sound like a class you know?
in a way that makes since as undead WERE just dead humans however now i guess silvannas is just Resurrecting ever race as undead, so theoretically lore wise the should be able to be every class. even though i think that if they were to do this they would do it with every race which would be reallly bad
If you were to do this it would be very boring picking class/race combos as most people would stick to one or two races and never get to experience the other, some thought should have to be put into creating characters, if they go down the road u want eventually there will be only one class who can use all skills and abilities and everyone would be the same other than looks.
02/29/2012 01:45 PMPosted by Teyla
I might as well throw out my hopeless request for Night Elf paladins. It's supported by lore, and the Alliance hasn't gotten a new paladin race since BC.

Poor Alliance, They have 3 different races to choose Paladins. Each one of them is better than the Hordes WHOPPING 2! AWWW! I fully support giving the alliance a fourth race to be OP in the class of Paladins over the Horde. The Alliance really does need all the help they can get.

I also support the addition of a 5th or 6th race to become a Shaman on the Horde side. Would be kinda kool to run around with my lil' Undead and pop a couple totems on the ground that look like a femur bone or something.

And while we are asking for impossible things, can you make the BE able to become Druids? that would be greeeeaaat........ thanks........

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