Is Blizzard done with race/class combos?

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I'm still a little mad about Horde having Paladins and Alliance having Shamans

also wtf with Tauren Priests and Pallys
Undead Paladins!

The burrrrrnnnnnsssss..

There are undead paladins in the Icecrown region. They stun you with "Hammer of Injustice" or something like that.

There is also an undead (I think pally) hanging out in Light's Hope Chapel.

If a priest can be a priest after they die and come back as a zombie, why not a paladin?
There are undead paladins in the Icecrown region. They stun you with "Hammer of Injustice" or something like that.

There is also an undead (I think pally) hanging out in Light's Hope Chapel.

If a priest can be a priest after they die and come back as a zombie, why not a paladin?
I explained this in an earlier post, but I do not mind explaining this again (especially sense you brought up the "undead paladins" from Icecrown. First and foremost, the undead CANNOT wield the light without extreme pain. The reason why the Forsaken have priest is because they have the Cult of Forgotten Shadows which their priest are a part of. Here's a link detailing the cult, . They cannot wield the light, they use shadows instead, and lore wise are only able to be shadow priest. Undead priest using holy energy in game is just for all intents and purposes, mechanics making it so Undead priest just as balanced as all other priest in game.

There is only one extreme case of an undead being able to use the light, and that is Sir Zeliek in ( here's a link for you ). As for the undead at light's hope chapel, his name is Leonid Barthalomew The Revered. He has never used the holy light, nor has there been mention of him ever using it. He hates being undead and views it as an illness and server the argent dawn (now crusade) to try to find a cure. Here's a link to his wiki article,

As for the undead paladins in Icecrown, they are Scourge. They do not use the light, for it has been twisted. They still retain their former spells as paladins, but they have been bent and are used in a different manner no longer being the holy light. Here is a link for this,

I believe it is an over sight on blizz's part that their avenger's shield still does holy damage, and that their spells are under the holy school. However, if you look at their spells it's pretty clear they have lost their ability to use the holy light properly.

Edit: Forgot a link for the cult. Sorry!
Gnome paladin please. I want to pop my tiny wings and be pretty in pink. :)
Here is the best idea yet!! Every class for every race and every race for every faction, altough I would be happy with just every race for every faction. Cenarion Circle has it, Argent Dawn has it, Etc.
i really don't care. It doesn't affect how I play. If gnomes want an extra class, give it to them.
03/04/2012 02:18 PMPosted by Arshia
First and foremost, the undead CANNOT wield the light without extreme pain.
Just cut to the chase and ignore the remarkably lame retcon blues made regarding Forsaken priests using the Light and "cauterise healing" etc. The Light destroys undead, it burns them, reduces them to ash, not simply causes extreme pain. Ashbringer vaporised undead enemies. Nature functions similarly, it abhors undeath and will violently and savagely destroy it to balance things. These things are why Undead Paladins and Druids would and should never happen. Game play mechanics having poor explanations has just ended up crushing itself. Undead priests should have spells like shadow mend instead of renew, and so on but they don't. All Priests have homogenized healing spells all based on Holy Light healing. A charged up Paladin should have no issue turning Forsaken into piles of ash as the Forsaken are undead but for game play it'd put Forsaken at an unenjoyable disadvantage in PvP. They (npcs and players) are considered humanoids for game balance only, but we know player controlled undead toons, the old Risen Ally, were subject to all the bonuses Paladins and priests had dealing with the undead (holy wrath stun, 100% exorcism crit, shackle and turn undead).
That's pretty much what I said if you read what I wrote out. I was explaining why things are the way they are for game play reasons, and although lore wise you would never see an undead wielding the light. Ever. The only case of that is Sir Zeilk, I was arguing against the undead paladins that someone wanted.

Also, doesn't mean much if it was retconned or not. The point remains the same in that undead can't use the light.
TBH there's only been a couple questionable cases with Race/Class combos.

Worgen/Goblin DKs are an anachronism. Simply put... you can't have two races that joined the Alliance/Horde well after Arthas' demise fighting the Battle for Light's Hope Chapel.

Draenei Death Knights kinda fit this issue as well... seeing that they were barely on Azeroth around the time that the Battle for LHC takes place sometime before WoLK, and while we presumably are busy in Outland taking care of Illidan.

Night Elf mages are also questionable... a society that so shunned the Arcane just happens to take in the Highborne again..?

Horde Paladins should probably be more visually distinctive than Alliance Paladins... considering Alliance Paladins are all followers of the Light... whereas Horde aren't.

Priests share the same ordeal... especially since the Priesthood is tied into the relegions of the Race, rather than being a specific religion.

Not sure what class combos make much sense to add either...

I can see why folks think a Forsaken Paladin would be cool... but aside from Leonid Barthalomew the Revered of the Argent Dawn (A warrior of course)... there's little to no sign that the Forsaken would ever turn to the Light. I suppose there's also Sir Zeliek too... seeing as he's a Horseman that can still use Holy magics.

In fact, the lore in the game suggests they're loyalty to Sylvanas is quite strong, and are willing to do *anything* for her... look at Silverpine and Hillsbrad... they're actively committing heinous atrocities that the Horde presumably do not condone. As Garrosh questioned Sylvanas: "What is the difference between you and the Lich King now..?"
I demand Forsaken Pallies, Gnome hunters and Troll warlocks

02/29/2012 01:42 PMPosted by Nethaera
So, as the title says, can I still hope that they'll add more race/class combos? :)

Well, we're adding the [url=""]pandaren[/url] and [url=""]monk [/url]in [url=""]Mists of Pandaria[/url] and the monk class will be available to all races save for goblin and worgen, so you could say that, "yes, we're still adding new race/class combos." That said, we want to make sure that when we add things like this that they make sense for the longevity of the game so we can't make any guarantees as to what or how often these will be added into the game. Balancing new classes into the game is a bit more difficult than adding a new race, but there are obviously complexities to both.

because tauren paladins make so much sense... lol

Night elf paladin. Yes please.

And why no monk for Worgen while the dumb little gnomes get to be them? Makes no sense. They were humans after all so shouldn't that allow it to be possible? Ugh. Damn mutated babies.
I bump this in support of allowing all races to be all classes.

I'd love to play a Pally, but I can't stand the look of anything but a gnome!
02/29/2012 01:21 PMPosted by Palaurus
I went from Blood Elf to Tauren for this expansion. I want a Pandaren Paladin damnit!

I want pandaren paladin too =( It's the only class I have never played and I'd like to start it with a brand new race and all. But ah well. I know lore-wise perhaps its a little strange...but so is tauren paladins...I mean the lore was really stretched thin on that one lol.
I remember Tuaren warriors and undead/dwarf priests were all the rage in Vanilla.

I think with the race change options these types of unique benefits would be worth reviewing for MOP. Add more customization.
Something that has been irking me from a lore perspective is people asking for goblin/worgen monks. I understand that logically, there is no reason why they physically cannot become monks and there are no social reasons why they cannot become monks.

There was a blue post awhile back explaining it (I'm pretty sure anyways) that explains why they cannot become monks and it makes sense. When you (the player) make a worgen or goblin, you are starting off technically in the past. At this point in time, there are no monks before the cataclysm. So, they cannot be monks sense at that point in time the player worgen/goblin would have already have chosen their class. The only way they could logically fix this is by making goblin/worgen monks skip their starting zones and have a special starting area as monks after the cataclysm, which seems like a lot of effort built around two individual races.

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