Is Blizzard done with race/class combos?

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02/29/2012 07:17 PMPosted by Weran
monk class will be available to all races save for goblin and worgen

What, are our claws to powerful for martial arts style fighting?

Methinks your afraid.

They don't want to do extra work that's all. Probably 15 years after it will be available lols.
02/29/2012 02:23 PMPosted by Nethaera
Would a Gnome monk be Yoda!light?

I have no doubt that should the name "yogurt" not be taken by the time the combo is available, it will be shortly thereafter.
especially when special symbols wont be usable in names

x-x even though these are american servers... both North and south (or at least it seemed so...)
Yogurt? I HATE YOGURT! Even with strawberries...
Guess you got the downside.
High Botanist Freywinn was a Blood Elf Druid, but there is nothing to support Sin'Dorei Shamanism...But like i said, it could be an opportunity to create new lore and not be limited by old lore. I would still personally like to see a neutral faction with other playable races included with some shifting about of current races as well, but i don't know when or if that would happen. Oh well lol.
ok - so no new class/race class combo at the moment

lets make things easier then - just add 1 extra spec for each class, make it a total of 4; just like druids

sure, we can argue that the seperation of feral 'spec' is long overdue - but i counter-argue that every class in game can make use of a 4th, unique specialization


warrior - a 2H/DW tanking spec

paladin - (needless to say?) ranged/semi-ranged caster dps spec. at least another 'class' to make use of int plate

dk - an actual 2H dps spec. if u insist to make DW frost only, might as well make them choose between 2 1 handers or 2 2 handers

shaman - a tanking spec, which could be either be another block class with shield, or dw. or even a 2H dps option, whichever gets more 'yes!' vote

hunter - an actual 'ranger' spec. let those who detest managing pets to have a valid 'reason' doing so

and many, many more that i can think of. i'm sure the community has gazillions of ideas on what their No.4 should be
All I know is a gnome paladin is an utter abomination and should never ever happen.
I really wish Orcs could be paladins..seeing as how we never discovered that those tigers in Durotar were secretly troll druids..
Just wanted to add... Worgen cannot be Paladins because Gilneas did not have a paladin order. You (being the player worgen), start out in the past during the worgen invasion. No paladin order = no gilneas paladins, so you can't be a paladin worgen sense there were no gilnean paladins.

However, I find the whole gilnean druid thing a stretch on the world due to the time line, it means the player is a druid before becoming a worgen and before meeting the night elves. It seems really odd / outside of the human culture in game.

As for the other stuff in this thread mentioned... there are some thing that you could explain, like the goblin who runs off to be a paladin. However, this argument doesn't hold water as the playable classes must be used by a large % of a current race. For example, I've seen many people vouch for undead paladins due to Sir Zelik in Nax. However, one extreme case doesn't mean the whole race is able to be the same thing. Also to further this point, undead are only priest by mechanics. Lore wise they are shadow priest and cannot wield the light without causing extreme pain and suffering upon themselves, assuming the priest is strong enough to call upon the light at all.
If they ever allowed for Night Elf or Undead paladins, I might actually be able to level one past 25.
I actually like have race class restrictions. To me it gives the game more of a unique feel than any other MMORPG where its choose this race then choose your class (which all races cna choose the same class) its kinda boring and overused. Besides we dont need lore to be damaged any more than it already is

Though as i mentioned earlier the only class/race combo that needs to be put in is the gnome hunters and thats it
Why not try balancing the classes that arre in the game first before adding new ones. that would be nice........
There are some race/class combos that should never, ever exist.

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