<gday boys> 25man raiding 1/8 HM jubei' thos

Oceanic Guild Recruitment
<gday boys> LvL 25 1/8HM 10man 8/8NM 25man are a relatively casual 25man raiding guild situated on jubeithos hordeside. We raid 2-3 times wed/sun/mon for 3 hrs between 8.30-11.30 depending on progression. We have a solid core of xpd raiders and are about to start pushing HMs again after a month break. we prefer pepl that are 8/8 with a min ilvl of 393 however are willing to make exceptions to older players with a history if they have recently made a return to wow. in order to acheive or goals we are expanding to a 35man roster leaving about 10 spots up for grabs. we are LF 2 tanks, 3-4 non disc preist heals and 6 or so exceptional dps. pst below with interest for more info or just in game male me.

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