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Death Knight
Hello everyone, TvPvZ here with yet another noob question! :)

So I've opened up a Death Knight toon and am wondering if anyone could give me some tips about the class. Thank you! :)
I suggest going to the death knight forums

^ I'd just read some of the stickies in the DK forum.
You could tell us what you want at least PvP/PvE - Tanking/DPSing
Stack Spirit, it helps with runic power generation. And intellect of course helps with all the magic damage of your special weapon attacks.

You didn't think Holy Paladins were stand alone in their gear set, did you?

dont forget spell pen

Ignore these two trolls, please.

As per helping you out with Death Knights, the DK Forums are best. But if you are looking for help here, why not?

What are you looking to do? PvE or PvP? Tank or DPS?
I opened it up mainly for Dungeoning. Which I'm assuming PvE. (Like I said still new).
Go to the death knight forums where you won't get the standard "roll face on keyboard" stuff.

I personally DPS as a duel wield frost death knight, though for awhile, it will be hard to get two good weapons, so I did two hand it until about 80ish. Oddly, during TBC content, you'll get a lot of plate with agility, just be prepared. (If I remember correctly, been awhile since I was in those dungeons). Though your stats are primarily stre, haste, expertise (don't worry as much about expertise until end content, meaning don't kill yourself to try to get that up) and hit obviously (though again, don't try to kill yourself getting your hit up until end content).

If you want to tank, go blood, obviously. Though it will mostly be dodge/parry (mastery when it opens up). Just be prepared to be a very spiky tank during this time. Until you get your mastery open to help with blood shield.

But the stickies in the death knight forums are very good and helped me when I dusted my death knight off and started using him. The last time I had tanked with him was when frost was the tanking spec. :O
You lookin' for DPS or Tanking?

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