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Here is a link to the first OOC thread, where you will find such important information as a character list with links to character sheets and a thread synopsis:
Silvy I wanted to copy the warrior T6 but I can't find the shoulders!!! It's like they don't exist which makes me very sad.
Is this our Third OOC thread 0_0
I will try to get something up tonight (although it may be tomorrow morning). The past two weeks have been nonstop and it is finally catching up to me. It is sad to say this, but I have fought hard not to go to bed at 8:30 several times this week.
I'll give Evara some time to post or some other people to get their posts up.
posted. sorry, it's not great.
Will try to get a post up, been on vacation and won't really be back till tuesday night.
Haven't posted in a while, and I apologize. I'll try to get a post up tomorrow!
Taking advantage of a lucid moment to post. Sorry I've been gone, went to the doctor and I have the flu plus a bad chest cold which they thought was pneumonia at first. In any case flu and chest cold is bad enough, I've been huddled in my den of blankets, cough drop wrappers, empty water bottles, and nyquil for a couple days. I'll post IC when the walls stop moving.

GM Rath or Sara if you want to attack something. Cheers.
Okay Silvy! Get well soon!
GM Rath or Sara if you want to attack something. Cheers.

Wai u give Alaric what he wants?!?!

Seriously this is almost too tempting XD
Ah.... the wonders of medical science!* I feel MUCH better!

I'll be getting to an IC post soon.

*A two-day long Nyquil-induced coma.
Silvy that sounds bad lol also expect Alaric to go artery Rathios now :P
03/06/2012 01:54 PMPosted by Ashokk
Silvy that sounds bad lol also expect Alaric to go artery Rathios now :P

It was the worst combination of sicknesses I've ever had that didn't require hospitalization. My sister had to keep entering my den of illness (props to her, I wouldn't have) to check up on me/ remind me to use the bathroom every 8 hours of so.

But that's how my body copes with sickness, I sleep through it and awake feeling 100 times better than when I fell asleep. :D Yesterday when I posted I still felt HORRIBLE and expected to be bedridden at least two more days, yet I wake up maybe 16 hours after posting and I feel like a new person.

And have at Rathios, he's all yours.
I'll try to post later on.....
Morgan you do realize Sam is stealthed not sure if maybe Soral being a ranger had some kind of ability to be able to see him and not that I really care just wonderin:P

and not trying to be mean or rude either like I said just curious:)
03/06/2012 02:13 PMPosted by Silvestris
And have at Rathios, he's all yours.

And. Here. We. Go.

Also I am finally back from vacation. R&R was amazing, partying my balls off for 4 days straight was epic.
Is it to late to join up? I read the most recent posts and I'm not sure if I can join now or wait until a better time.
I'll make a post today, having Aurora go after... someone, NPC or not, we'll see.

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