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First of all, thank you Blizzard for this amazing feature. It's incredible. Being able to look the way I want and not have to suffer through Space Clown gear has truly reinvigorated the game for me (and a lot of others, I know).

But, it's far from perfect. The UI is serviceable, but clunky in that you need to bring the armor to the Ethereal NPC. This is only a very very minor inconvenience, traveling between bank and NPC and back to bank, but it means that you must keep the item in your bags/bank/Void Storage, taking up bank space AND data space. Blizzard has repeatedly said that more bank/bag space is an issue because of data storage limitations for the millions of characters. Because you cannot transmog directly from Void Storage, most pieces wind up being carried in the normal bank, which means they still have to have all the data for gems/enchants/crafter etc, which is even more data storage, and also that means less room for us to store the things the bank is meant for like materials and such. In addition, currently there is no way to get old quest rewards that you may have sold off years ago, many of which are unique models and colors.

The solution I have is based on a combination of popular add-ons. First, we know Blizzard keeps track of which quests are completed and there are mods that let you scan that list. We know Blizzard keeps track of certain items being equipped to your character via achievements. More importantly, there is a very popular add-n called Mogit, which brings up a character preview UI similar (but with more options) to the in-game Veiwing room. It also shows, in real time and on your character model, every piece of armor attainable in-game. It functions similar to the WoW Model Veiwer program, but inside the game and easier to use.

What if all of these aspects were combined? You visit the Ethereal and it opens a transmog dressing room of sorts with a small database of any item you character has ever equipped after it's inception and any quest rewards from your list of completed quests. A simple yes/no checklist that would let you access the armor model/skin of these items without needing to keep them in a bank, which means less data stored on the server and less hoofing around items and organizing bank space for players. No keeping old armor around, no new vendors to supply old quest rewards, just a standardized list of item IDs and a 1 or a 0 for each character as they recieve items. We know some of these databases are already there, they would simply need to be expanded. We know the interface is available already through add-ons, simply combine it all together.

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