{A} Realm Last - 14/14 Heroic SoO

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We haz people who play SC2! ++++
Team Chambers
Really need some skilled advances in our roster! app!
Please please app!! In need of some baller-status range!!!
still looking for plenty of ranged to pew pew more heroic bosses
After the pew pew there will be some hue hue when the bosses are killed! Please app if you think you're capable enough =]
Need a tank or two to tickle with my hots! :D
You guys lookin' for a prot paladin?
Two in one week! Also Tricks gave me an extra 635k damage at the end. I'm a happy shaman.
You guys lookin' for a prot paladin?

It's all ogre now...
How's about we get a prot paladin?
Megaera, heads down!
Megaera, heads down!

"Enough is enough! I have had it with these mother!@#$ing snakes on this mother%^-*ing raid!" - - Samuel L. Jackson
@Digerati, thanks!

Soon to have pretty pictures!
Looking for some raiders to replace my recently pulled wisdom teeth.
Me likely the pink class
Could really use a prot and ret paladin.
um hello
looking for a strong ret paladin and a prot paladin as well as a monk or resto druid! apply at realmlast.enjin.com!

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