{A} Realm Last - 14/14 Heroic SoO

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Switching it up with a shaman post!
Why is this off the front page?
Due to computer explosions, we are looking for a well-geared tank for group 1. Please inquire further if interested.
Bump for 6/8, 2nd plate almost down on spine! Still looking for a MT, preferably feral druid or dk!
Better believe I did some editing!
Back up!
Make a smiley face for me!
Hi Zodiart, myself and a few friends are currently looking for a guild and I was wondering if you need any of the following

My Characters:
Calaribinix(399/398) Resto/Ele Shaman(respectively).
Calaqt(400) Rogue -Preferred Character-
Calqt(390) Ret Paladin (with plans on prot OS).

Flums's Characters:
Hiyoko(397/390) Arms/Prot Warrior

Schliemann's Characters:
Schliemann(396) Survival Hunter
Afterfrost(387) DPS DK

If you could get back to me by either replying on this post or adding mcconick@gmail.com to Real-ID that would be fantastic. Thanks!
New recruits get kisses and lollipops!
Please inquire about our mariachi band featuring Mervx, Hotsaucex, and Pwyth!
I love healers. I love them more than bacon...well, equally as much as bacon.
I'd love some mages.. I know you're out there somewhere.. Come fling fireballs with us!
Mages can even throw arcane...thingies?
LF Banjo, pst!
Okay, how about a violin?
Bump for boat
Bump /Flex
How do you still have trouble killing spine.

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