{A} Realm Last - 14/14 Heroic SoO

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06/16/2012 02:36 PMPosted by Raidtank
How do you still have trouble killing spine.

At the end of an expansion, typically it's difficult to get a full raid group to show up consistently. Not to mention the fact that it's tough to recruit on a huge server like Sargeras were there are so many guilds that have already completed the content that are still recruiting for MoP.

To the OP:
Good luck to you guys :) I've heard complementary things about you and your raiders. Bump to the top.
@Disdayne: Thanks for the kind words, Disdayne! Here's hoping for the best on your end as well.
Bump a bump!
Cyra told me that every time we get an app, an angel gets it's wings!
Seems like a soulhunt.
First person to app after this gets a free -!
a free...?
That's the mystery, Czar...you won't know until the time comes.
07/10/2012 03:53 PMPosted by Zodiart
That's the mystery

07/10/2012 03:53 PMPosted by Zodiart
you won't know until the time comes.

I don't like the sound of that. Time to get Scooby-Doo and the gang back together and solve this mystery.
Crap, not meddling kids and their dog! That's the only way this plan could fail!
Grats on the 25% nerf spine kill <3.
holy paly ilvl395 8/8reg exp only :\
Healadin its 25% nerf / 30% next week you can find a heroic guild easy that will go 8/8 blizz is basically handing people kills :l
Jk love u guys :P <3
you guys stream at all? i wanna check out the first madness kill :)
heroic kiril..

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