{A} Realm Last - 14/14 Heroic SoO

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Grats to Requièm on his new heroic Gurth! Please inquire on our website or to officers for your chance to own a pretty weapon too!
What is happening here
I think there are shenanigans going on here which is strange because there haven't been any shenanigans in several years...

There has been some Hoolaginism, as well as no-good-nicking.

The other day I saw some neer-done-well on a local troll... Hell just yesterday I found myself rabble-rousing a bit...

But here? Shenanigans for sure.
07/15/2012 08:04 PMPosted by Vam
grats guys on madness :D

I know this happened in July and I'm a bit late, but grats on your madness kill!
We now get back to Chthonic being crazy. TAKE IT AWAY, PURPLE MAN!
this thread still is alive?! O_o
Bump for blood dk dps
Come, see Bearwald breakdance!
Scarlet set 4life.
First you pick it up... put it in the bag...
Than you shove it in her mouth.
Or shove it in Chthonics mouth:P
Humpty dumpty fell off the wall.
Bump for 4/6 MV and Elegon sub 10%, keep the dps coming!
I love me some pandas in goggles! Bump just for that ^_^.
Ask about our boots with the fur.

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