{A} Realm Last - 14/14 Heroic SoO

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03/03/2012 05:34 PMPosted by Zodiart
Heroic Heart of Fear: 3/6 Zor'lok, Ta'yak, Garalon, Mel'jarak

Hmmm that doesn't seem to add up. Of course my math skills are awful.
thank you for pointing that out, we'll get that fixed
I like my beat down low, and my top let back.
Happy Valentine's Day
Faw queue Konny
y u heff to be made?
bump for zombies on ace of spades
Bump for 11/16, lazy Cyclo needs to update the post... Tsk tsk.
last couple weeks till 5.2
I'm told we're gonna kill some trolls and some mogu and such. I approve of this. Also I'm not lazy.
Lei Shi was no match for us. Guess it was time for her...to hide.


Grudge is blind
Bump for 5.2 soon!
Hello, I've posted a new thread in the sargeras
Column about looking for a new guild. If your interest
Pst me ingame or in game mail me so I know how to apply. Thanks

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