DS 10man LF Holy Pally

Looking for a Holy paladin.
Doing a full clear of DS10 normal EVERY Friday, 7pm until 11pm.
Invites dependent on experience.
Please be properly geared and talented.
Ventrillo is required.
(This is an alt raid, no requirement to join our guild)

Reply here or send an in-game mail to this toon.
If only I was 85 and horde. I'd heal all day for purgatory
Still looking for a holy pally for Fridays!

Contact me!
Would you be willing to try cross-realm? If so, I may be available.
Cross realm is disabled for Dragon Soul 10 and 25man at the moment, sorry. :(

Still looking!

Did we fire Kalye?

Man up and just 2 heal it !@#$.. Sol could do it
lolol seriously when i type your name it censored it how funny

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