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CVN is one of the oldest guilds on Dalaran having been active on the server since 1 May 2005. We are a group of raiders with a raiding history that goes well back into Vanilla and between the main raiders we have over 9000 combined years of raiding experience. Okay, maybe less than that but you get the idea.

Our approach is a laid back yet disciplined one in which individual raiders are responsible and accountable to the group. Since we run 10 man, mistakes are magnified by the scale of the raid and can be valuable learning tools. There is never any yelling. There are never any put downs. We pride ourselves on having fun and killing pixels while maintaining one leg in the reality that we play this game for fun and to experience content with like minded players.

All of our raiders are working professionals with lives outside WoW. We understand that nights will be missed and as such we use the calendar to track the raid composition and make sure that all necessary parts are covered. Things come up and one of our fundamental philosophies is that RL > WoW.

Raid times:

Thursday: 9:30 pm until we get tired
Saturday: 9:30 pm until we either get tired, too drunk, or FL gets old

Current progression:

DS: 8/8 (1/8 Heroic)
FL: It's old. We farm it for the guild Orange.

Classes we need (1-2 players):

Warrior (DPS)

(Believe me, these are the only two tokens that exist in DS for us!)

Guild repairs are provided once raiding rank has been attained. Additionally, feasts and flasks are provided at the start of raid. Calendar invites are used to track attendance for the week. Loot is done by common sense Need/Greed/Talk-in-Mumble.

Please be appropriately geared with a working knowledge of fights in DS. The ideal recruit would have at least a 385 ilvl with at least some progression made in DS normal.

If you are a working professional who is seeking to channel your inner nerd a little more or if you are a new player who is looking to make the jump from LFR hell to real raiding with a group of players who know the game well, look us up.

Contact Ryvin (Flargon), Jideo (Silvah), or myself Darkantony (Caetaecian) in game for more information if you are interested.
Up you go.

We have space this week for trials, so if you are interested contact me in game.
bump for a great group of people <3
Come by and see us sometime Rav. We don't bite, well only I do.
<3 Good luck to you guysss.
Still looking.

If you are a DPS warrior or a lock of some variety, come on by...we have punch and pie.

Seriously, we have a solid group of raiders that we are trying to expand upon so that we can really push the content that is out there. We are casual, we raid drunk, but we still kill stuff. Come on and check us out.
Warlocks are non-existent on this server, Tony. >_>'
03/17/2012 06:02 PMPosted by Vilana
Warlocks are non-existent on this server, Tony. >_>'

Relegated to an Alts, alt....curse you lack of healers for forcing main change!
Holy smokes! A lock?!?

I thought those things were like Pandas, only with more Mists?
Still looking for those elusive warriors and locks.

Seriously, this server used to be flooded with them.
To the top with you.

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