[H] LF late night PvPers (Ret, UH)

I've been wanting to play some Ret/Ret/UH DK triple dps in 3s. I'm usually busy with guild PvE stuff until around 11-12pm and often on until around 8am server time.

So if there are any decently geared (at least full honor PvP gear) Ret palles or Unholy DKs who are on late and want to try a fun (OP is fun) comp let me know.

I'm not the greatest PvPer by any means but have a good set, 3.9k resil with t13 2p and normal Gunthalak or 4.2k if I swap to my PvP weapon (which I do if focused or need the weapon chain) geared and specced for big offheals.

Also have a decently geared (about half honor half conquest) Aff lock and Unholy DK I'd consider playing in "fun" comps in late night 3s,5s or RBGs.
Found a good Unholy now all we need is a PvP ret pally who is active late night.

We are both getting close to full CP gear and would like to find someone similarly geared.

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