(A)LFM GLory of the firelands Raider

, I will be hosting "Glory of the Firelands Raider"-runs. Friday 3/5/2012

In these runs we will mainly focus on doing the normal meta achievements. Depending on the gear and Firelands Heroic history of the group members - Firelands Heroic will also be done.

The achievement-list focused are as follow:

- Death from Above
- Not an Ambi-Turner
- Do a Barrel Roll!
- Bucket List
- Share the Pain
- Only the Penitent...

Alts are welcome, but in order to get a spot there are requirements:

- Equipped item level of at least 380 (with no PvP-boost)
- Knowledge about the encounters (full FL progression, Heroic progression)
- Able to use Mumble
- Proper enchants, reforging etc. etc.

That said, depending on interest we will start as soon there are enough people.

If you're interested in joining - Add me on rea lID(kypaladin@gmail.com) or post in this thread.

Legendary Quest-Line Items are currently:Open
All loot will be Ms then OS/Transmog
A better place for this is probably your server forums.

It is really up to you do you want to wait for MoP and have the raid be much easier but the mount is more common?


Do you want to have it be a pain and do it now but look epic flying such a prestigious mount?
i'd be interested, please contact me - evan.rideout@gmail.com, should be around in a few hours.
Depending on days/time - I would be interested. I already have the mount I'm just looking to do the heroics for Smouldering Essences for the legendary quest.
i would love to join. You didn't clarify what time it was or what date. Would it be later in the week or today. If its later in the week I would love to join. Add me josh@jbmissions.com
397 disc/holy priest
I am currently familair with everything that you intend to progress with this meta, I am a 394 ilvl enhance shaman and pull great dps in FL. Add me with a message relating to this post and dat/time when this would be possiable.

Real ID: Deathleaf333@yahoo.com
I'd like to join whenever the date/time is up and running.
I currently raid Tuesday- Thursday . So I was thinking that we could do the runs Friday , Saturday or Sunday . Whichever the majority prefers.
im interested in this, i only need the normal ones to complete my meta, all heroics cleared.
holy pally, add me on real id if you can use me: caeserg@juno.com
Fridays, eh? I could make that if you want a Hunter along.
Anyone heard from Ky? was suppose to be today at 1PM EST (so he told me) and he hasn't even been online yet?

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