Epic Shaman names GOGOGO

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Procella is latin for storm or tempest so I think it fits. Especially for a female character.
All Shamans love cheesy tacos
obv pullmytotem ive never seen anyone else use it besides me:DDD
Love mine :D
my name with title is "Drug the Patient".. not too shabby
Had mine since BC and wouldn't consider using anything else.
I liked my dwarf's name Hothsalar, for you Brent Weeks fans out there.
<------ Enhance
I like mine. :D

I was formerly a goblin as I wanted to use a smaller race to fit the name better, but I ended up re-rolling as Alliance so I had to go with another small race (And gnomes can't be shamans..).
<--- According to Doc Brown, if you generate 1.21 of me, you can travel back in time....
Mine never made sense on alliance, but now that I am a cow again I feel it fits.Stier = Bull

Zorn = War
i Like my name :)
Haikili is the Hawaiian god of Thunder. Quite fitting.
Enhancement Shaman: Nerfedtooblivion

Elemental Shaman: Tunnelme

Resto Shaman: Manskirt
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goblin shaman named link would be perfect

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