[H] ICC25HM Speed Run (Thursdays)

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FRIDAY! Oh happy days! Now make Invincible drop and let me win it =p
I'm interested in coming, mainly for shadowfrost shards (only need 18 more!) However if I lose the initial roll I won't get butthurt and leave the raid, I'll get them eventually. My MS is Holy w/ret pvp OS, I know the fights well (did them all when they were current content) and won't spread defile.

RealID: scrotac@gmail.com
Ilvl 402 Frost DK Ilvl 390 Blood DK.

Whichever you need ill go.

Real-id: Enterlinetyler@yahoo.com
i would like to go mommybearr33@aol.com
skunkport@hotmail.co.uk 396 sv hunter
I herd that this group is awesome.
I would definitely be interested in helping out, holy ms, reivajh05@hotmail.com, hopefully work doesn't get in the way though.
i signed up through openraid and have my realid details there.

i've done the fight before, and would be coming for a chance to roll on shards. assuming the time of the run stays the same, i'll be able to sign up and join until you stop doing these.
Thank you for your interest. I've got it to just over 25 people interested, so anyone that has posted their interested in coming in the last 24 hours will have to do a /roll to see who stays or sits if for some reason we have more than 25 people online - But then again, someone always doesn't show up so I don't think it should be an issue.
So is the run time changed? I thought it was 8EST and now it says 8PST. :P
If there is a spot available I would love to go. I have done everything on heroic up to the LK. Never could down him because people failed on Shadow Traps and Valks. Frustrating lol

So below is my real ID..invite me if anything is open.

realID: jyoungy22@yahoo.com

cleared Heroic ICC many times, wanting to find a good group to go with!
My Mage has been accepted on your OpenRaid but I never received any Real ID invite. :c
run took just under 1 hour this week. A NEW RECORD!
I'm down for more runs. I've added you to Real ID and look forward to the runs.
Very smooth and had fun, even though only 3 shards dropped, will definitely be there next week

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