PvP on this server....

03/14/2012 10:24 AMPosted by Ðëlta
Did you get your prestigious arena titles as a human?

Horde for life, end of story. You sound like you assume every person who's been in higher brackets is a human...Look at rooft? Rank 1 worgen? GG SIR
Horde for life, end of story
Phew almost though i'd have to confiscate you're arena master title lol.

03/13/2012 07:23 PMPosted by Kintor

hahah, that is what this thread needed, un-topical, unnecessary, blind aggression. now stop wasting time in the forums and go learn frost. (it's one of your talent tree's)

i lol'd
03/14/2012 08:51 AMPosted by Ðëlta
Let's be honest, whatever rating you get as a human you divide it by 2 to get the REAL rating you would have on a real race. Trust me it works.

I got my highest rating as a troll, problem?


What you know about blanket statements with no real factual proof?
Pvp on this server.


So the last time the Horde managed a 5 man 'raid' of SW was back in 2010?
this thread bores me now..... can we pick a new topic to bash each other on? Or just get some fresh faces in here to lol at?
My shaman buddy left... =(

le sad
Pertaining to the op's original question, yes Alliance on Garona are overall better.

Only reason I am horde is because my friends were horde, and I really don't care about taking the game too seriously.

Even before Conrad and other very good PvPers transferred over to Garona (BC/Early WOTLK), the Alliance still were overall better than the horde. While there were still good players on horde side, good players on the Alliance were more abundant, and overall better. IE: Popupmop, Rooft, Skeelz, Kjeldoran, Swiftknife.

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