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I have 2 inactive account activated one for mount, but I wish active player get the mount for being loyal customers I been playing since 2007 and getting nothing aint nice but atleast it way maybe to bring some players back.

On the boost to 80, does the character have to already exist or can you make an entirely new level 80?

Don't even know what to say, but this is a crock of crap. Quitters get free toons, mounts, xpacs, etc, but loyalist gets nothing for being loyal.

In TBC and Wraith, I'd be surprised at blizz, but with Cata management, its all about looting the players. Do you guys actually think this stuff though or is it REALLY about money?
Heres a good question for you. Will the money made from all the returning players be used to rehire the 600 laid off people?
For nearly a month i've waited for news on the Scroll of Rez, so my brother could use it on my account. But there was no word on what was happening with it, or when it would be returning. On the 4th I gave up waiting and reactivated my account. I feel cheated, thanks Blizz.
I don't post often. Ever, really. Never had much to say, until now.

I've been leveling a rogue for the past month or so, on and off. Parts of it have been fun, parts have been tedious, but that's just the way it is.

Only, now it's not. Apparently, instead of paying money to play this game, I could have saved my money, used scroll of resurrection to reactivate my account, and bam - level 80 rogue.

My rogue's still in his 70s because I'm a loyal customer.

That makes me sad.
This is beyond aggravating. I won't argue with bliz's reasoning behind this but server/faction changes and instant lvl 80 toons is taking it a little too far. I've dumped a ton of money into this game to get off my old dead server and change factions on a couple different characters. If anything folks should just be awarded vanity items/exp boosts and that's all. I can deal with missing out on a pet/mount because I'll never have them all but I bust my butt lvling my toons and worked hard for the money I made to pay for the services I've had and I've had an active account since BC never once shut down ever. I won't say I didn't get anything in return because I've gotten years of enjoyment out of this game but I will say I do feel a little slighted.
So we lose our free month for a ugly mount? NO DEAL

Loyal customers get nothing, but disloyal ones get a free level 80 with epic flying + Azeroth/Cold weather flying license which = 7000g+ value.

A free server xfer.

A free faction change.


I am sorely disappointed. Disgusting.

You get a mount.
thank god diablo 3 is coming soon this is the End
So all the benefits is for the character coming back and we just get a mount? How is this even fair? I want to transfer two characters to my main realm and that would cost $100 (ridiculous) Thanks for nothing Blizzard.

Really disappointed with the way these mounts were implemented... other than that, it's cool.

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