[A] Hooked on Phonix NOW RECRUITING!

Recruitment is now open for Dragon Soul progression in Hooked on Phonix!

What are we looking for?

Tanks: first and foremost
1-2 Healers. Currently have 2 reliable healers, looking for more
1-3 Melee - Currently have 1 reliable melee, need a few more
1-2 Ranged: Boomkin to the top of the list.

Though we have many of our dps slots full, we do have room for improvement. We are constantly looking to keep raid spots competitive and we intend to have a few people on standby each fight. You will get substituted in. We don't sit players for an entire night at a time.

When do we raid?

Sunday/Monday 930pm-1230am Server Time

We expect that you can make our times each and every week.

We are not looking to participate in 25m raids. We are strictly a 10m guild, which makes it even more important that you make each of our raids without falter.

Please be aware that just because we are a new guild to Sargeras does not mean that we lack raiding experience on other servers. Many of our members have been raiding as horde on Mal'Ganis for several years and a few of us have been in realm first guilds and top 100 guilds worldwide.

We are no longer looking to compete for realm and world firsts and this is intended to be more casual than the average guild. We are made up of mostly college students with full-time jobs, so maturity is highly encouraged.

bump, got a couple solid apps. Keep'em coming!
Welcome to Sargeras! :)
03/08/2012 07:42 PMPosted by Digerati
Welcome to Sargeras! :)

Thanks, Digerati! Also thanks for the bump. We've gotten several applications over the last couple of days and we're still looking. This is going better than expected!
bump for more!
bumpity! need a couple tanks!
another bump. Went 4/8 Normal on our first try! Ultraxxion shouldn't be a problem, just decided to break for the night. Join us!
what classes are you looking for? i have a ret paladin, rogue with 8/8 exp
I have posted on your forums for the opening as a rogue :) please whisper me in game whenever you see me on! thanks!
03/12/2012 02:46 AMPosted by Twitter
I have posted on your forums for the opening as a rogue :) please whisper me in game whenever you see me on! thanks!

I added you on RealID, talk to you then.

In the meantime, still recruiting tanks!!!
werd yo. bttr?
Giving this another bump. We've received several applications. We're filling up fast, but we want to keep raid spots competitive! Bring on the tanks!
still looking for a melee buddy to beat stuff with me...

and tanks... lots and lots of tanks

if nothing else,

Any room for a hunter?

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